Wednesday, October 01, 2008


In this video we learn she doesn't belong to any Church. She doesn't know any Prayer to say. She believes in Evolution. One of her best friends of 30 years is Gay. She doesn't read newspapers and magazines.

Okay. Okay. Not belonging to a Church. That I can understand. I don't believe in organized religion either. I'm a Christian. Evolution? That's good. Gotta agree with her there. Heck, I went from Total Apeman willing to Bone anything to a responsible Father and Husband in a span of Forty years. Friend is Gay? Right on. My Brother is. Doesn't read newspapers and magazines? Errr???? Is it any wonder she is so uninformed about the world around her? As for not knowing any Prayer, Sarah, just what did Jesus say when asked by his Disciples on what to Pray? She obviously has not read the Bible either. Why the "Religious Right" would support her is beyond me. 'Cept she is against Abortion. Yet so was Bush II. And what Pray tell did he accomplish on that issue?

We also learn in this article, when it came down to Brass Tacks or Iron Bars as the case maybe, Murlene Wilkes chose to not Lie on the stand for Sarah Palin concerning Palins' abuse of office and personal vendetta against her Sister's former husband. The final report on that is due October 10th.

In Good News we find 440 West Virginia Coal Mine workers gave the NRA a group moon.

In Funny News, Freepers have only Prayer to rely on when it comes to Palin and her upcoming debacle this Thursday when she debates Senator Biden.

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