Saturday, August 30, 2008


1st, thanks to all who chimed in on the last post. PT Cruiser, Beltway Bastard, fragtal & John at Left in Aboite, I respect everybody's opinion. I've decided to support an Obama/Biden ticket. I not only took you alls, but views of others into account. Not the least of which came from the Sick Far Right opposed to an Obama Presidency. The hatred, falsifications, Assassination Attempts and threats of such also were a contributing factor. I don't know if the Hate from the Sick Far Right is good Karma to base my vote for an Obama Biden ticket and but like with a whole lotta things in my Life, I'll learn that farther down the Trail. McCain's pick as VP was another factor.

I want to make a difference. A positive one. I think I still can with Obama as President. I know I can't with a McCain Administration. If the Evil Ones win, both will be just tools for my Ideological and Physical Enemies. I can't give them any chance. I just can't. For sure, I'll not only have to hold my nose when I vote, but some type of anti nausea. Or maybe I'll just purge with ipecac before hand. Maybe in front of the local Mcain office.

2 days ago the local Obama Campaign chair left a message asking me to pitch in. I guess that will entail urging Hillary fans to vote for an Obama/Biden ticket. In for a penny in for a pound I guess.


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