Saturday, January 16, 2010


This from musician 333maxwell -

333maxwell's inspiration -
"I normally wouldn't write a political song, but lately at night
when I least expect it, the ghost of Woody Guthrie has
been visiting me and feeding me material.
Now Woody's a nice enough fellow, but he's kinda creepy
so I asked him to leave me alone. He said that he would
if I recorded this song.
I said 'but Woody, what the hell do I know about folk music'
to which he replied 'don't B.S. me man, i've heard your music
you don't know much anyways and this is no time to go getting
uppity about it'. .....Well he had me there..

So in the case of you being a fan or Rush's, don't hate me for this song..
hate Woody.. and understand that no matter what, I am just a
regular guy making some simple music. Rush Limbaugh will
still be much richer and have more power at the end of the day
than all of us no matter what a simple man like me could toss at
him. So don't go getting all funny with me telling me I might
hurt his feelings, he can dish it out so I reckon he can take a bit
That being said, I present a simple song in the design of American
folk music."

In addition to 333maxwell's youtube channel, he can be found at Soundclick.

Human says - Such a great Woody song it makes me want to see Bound for Glory again.

Peace. It's not War.

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