Tuesday, December 15, 2009


WOMEN HAVE MORE SENSITIVE TOUCH! Yeah. No kidding? Since it's a Canadian study, it makes me glad that the U.S. is not the only place they waste $ and effort on bullshit studies. How do I apply for a grant to ascertain whether Women respond positively to the aroma of sweaty scrotums? Oh yeah. I'm not a nerd in some lab so I already know the answer to that one. Mmmmm. It's so hard to be academically honest. If only there were more important sciency stuff to investigate.

In other Breaking Sciency News, Scientists find 'pleasure nerves'. If only I wasn't so shy about finding my own "pleasure nerves" when I was a young lad of 12 years, I could have had a shot at a Nobel Prize for Biology! I could of been a contender!

From the "Pleasure Nerve" article - "Professor McGlone said it was part of the evolutionary mechanism that sustained relationships between adults, or with children.
"Our primary impulse as humans is procreation, but there are some mechanisms in place that are associated with behaviour and reward which are there to ensure relationships continue."

I bet Professor McObvious got a pat on the back from his colleagues for that astounding finding.

If you could have a study grant what would you study?

And lastly for your Ocular and Auditory Pleasure -

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