Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sledding at Memorial Park Febuarary 7th 2010

After a day of shoveling out of the snow yesterday, we managed to get out to Memorial Park today. As we have not had a snow storm like this for a few years, it might have been our last chance to have fun in the snow with Joseph, now aged 5. He has never really sled before. An unforgettable day. 1st a few pictures(click to enlarge) and then some videos. Peace.

Aftre 4 trips outside to shovel Saturday, he went and shoveled a trail through the yard! This morning he was begging to shovel some more!

"Look Dad, I'm on a snow chair"!

Joe comes barreling down the hill.

When I ask him to smile for the camera, he always makes a silly face. Gotta catch him unawares having fun nowadays.

Joseph and I on top o' hill.

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