Sunday, December 11, 2005


Off to a great adventure. The pad we stayed at is on the left. Click on pics to enlarge.

My son Joseph. 1st on his own 2 feet look at the beach.

And a tumble soon after. mmmm what is this stuff?

He is a big boy. He only lets me hold the hand when he needs it. Like coming down the dune.

Alan. Big Ocean. Big Man. Waiting for Big Fish.

Lil Joe, just taking it all in.

Sometimes, it's all about scale. A classic, I say.

Triple scale with triple angle. Good shot.

Steve getting ready to fish.

This ring of a shell was still spongy and had a pink tinge. Caught both our eye. Lil Joe got to it 1st. Being low as its advantages.

Molly, Lil Joe, Human, Steve and Alan.

This is after I changed him after he got wet from the surf. . He's a fast learner.

Gary, Molly, Alan and Steve.

Roundearther and Lil Joe at Pea Island.

Lil Joe on the Pea Island boardwalk.


I Have only been to the Outer Banks once before. My wife and I stayed at a B&B
in Ocracoke for 4 days before we were married around 4 years ago.. On the way down we stayed at the Arrow Inn($40.00 with the coupon from the travel guide picked up at the Va. Info center microwave, mini fridge & comfortable) right near Langley AFB. When we arrived the Clerk at the hotel let us know that the AFB was having an Air Show that day. We quickly set up our room and arrived at the AFB in time to see the Blue Angels perform. As far as I know they were breaking a lot of rules as far as permissible maneuvers around crowds. In other words the show was HOT! Barrel Rolls right over the crowd! More Barrels 50' above the deck over the runway! All as close as I have ever been to an Air Show. My first one was I was 4 years old at White Sands Missile Base where we were stationed way back. I was on my Daddy's shoulders when the Blue Angels snuck up from the rear 200' over my little head. Wings tips 12" apart. Blew my little mind.

I’ am a history freak and as you can imagine Hampton Roads is pure pleasure to me. One of my dreams was to take the Bay tour of the Atlantic fleet. A wish fulfilled aboard the Miss Hampton II.

On this trip Lil Joe and I just passed on thru, for with a 16mo old it is IMPERATIVE one stops every 2hrs. I just don't know why he doesn't like to be strapped in for hours on end. Poor lil guy. He stayed a sleep the 1st 2 hours, then we stopped and ate at Cracker Barrel. Nice big parking lot where he can run around. The front has a covered walkway that he runs up and down after we eat. A Baby changing station in the MENS room. A small shop where for some reason we always end up at the toy section. A good stop of a hour and half later and then it is back on the road.

Next stop was Newport News State Park. We parked right near the Ranger Station. It has a Lake or an inlet . A great safe place for more running around and another feed for the Lil guy.

We arrive in Waves about 6pm. It was very dark and the St. signs were very hard to read.
With Daddy's cell phone we are talked the rest of the way in.

There to meet us were five friends, Roundearther, Steve, Gary, Alan and Molly. 6 guys and a girl. Now now, Molly's a Pit Bull and Roundearther's close friend.

The house was very well appointed and comfortable. With just 2 full days on the OBX we were lucky to have a fine day when we awoke.

It was Lil Joe's 1st trip to the beach as a walker and tumbler. He was enjoying it very much. I saw the epitome of awe all over his face. I whipped out my Dig. Vid Cam and staring having trouble right away. It got messed up some how. Lil Joe and Roundearther wandered a bit off and while I was trying to check the cam out they got a Lil to close to the water and you guessed it Lil joe got a Lil wave on his ankle. That shocked him so much he fell into the water. Roundearther picked him up real fast. Balling and just a gushing tears I got to him and hugged him tight(feeling guilty). I had 2 layers of everything on him and if it wasn't for his shoes which were soaked through we could of stayed. With about 5 minutes on the beach we had to go back to the digs. Not far but what a hassle. Back on the beach(Note chango outfit?) he was pretty scared of the surf, but after awhile he calmed down and we had a blast. He loves to pick up shells. And he puts them back. Right where he found them. He only kept one. That is one of 2 that we took home. Hey I get to take one too! I'am not selfish. Ok I'am but this was for my wife.

Most of the pics Roundearther took using my HP R707 (Hey I know, but it was on Black Friday sale along with a free Epson printer that impresses me. So far.)

The next day the weather turned very windy and our only outing was a short one to Pea Island which I never stopped at before. What a great bird viewing area. I'll definitely stop there again. We also went shopping. The sales are very good in the off season. I would of bought a 2 piece luggage set at $ 49.99(Reg. $79.99 each) but I knew we would not have room in the car on the return trip, because Roundearther and Molly were coming with us. Next time I'll rent a big car. The deals are worth it.

We set back at 10:30 the next day and after dropping off Roundearther and Molly(Taking breaks at Cracker Barrell and Newport News Park and Roundearther's) we got home about 8pm.

A very full day. What a great trip. With a bunch of great guys, lovable Molly.
And a hearty thanks to all. Especially to Lil Joe for being the Bestest Boy in the Road Trip Category.


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