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(1ST UPDATE AT END 3-1-08)
(3rd UPDATE - Las Vegas Ricin story IN TEXT 3-3-08)
On a visit to Jesus General I found that Hal Turner, Avowed Racist and suspected FBI asset who has a radio show with a National audience posted this on his main page -
"Code 55 in effect as of March 1
Those who need to know what this means already know.
Those who don't know, don't need to know.

Deadly Ricin Poison Found In Vegas Hotel
Could this be used to clean out the trash candidates we have in our Presidential Campaign this year?

Ricin poison is easy to make from castor beans. Castor beans are legal to buy, can be gotten throughout the country or via the internet. Even more interesting is that the internet is full of "how-to" information explaining how to cook the husks of castor beans into this poison, but if you inhale it while you're making it, you're dead!

Since as little as 500 micrograms of ricin can kill an adult, I wonder if smearing some on a glove then shaking hands with. . . . . . Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton or John McCain. . . . would have some effect? Probably not. But I wonder if loading some in a straw equipped with a one-way valve at one end to protect the user, would allow ricin powder to be blown in the direction of a candidate for inhalation? HMMMMMMM. It's a good thing that I obey the law and have no intention of doing something like this personally!

I bet there are folks out there, however, who might agree with me that the political choices we have this year warrant dramatic action to save our republic. After all, do we really want a mixed-race, mongrel negro, half-breed in the most powerful political office on the planet? I can see it now, Barak Obama doing for America what Robert Mugabe did for Zimbabwe. . . . or what Nelson Mandella did for South Africa. . . . skyrocketing crime, disease and a collapsed economy. No thanks.

How about Hillary Clinton -- who is so pathetic, she couldn't even stop her husband from getting blow jobs in the Oval Office! Yea, she'd make a great leader. NOT!

Then we have John McCain, who allegedly betrayed his fellow Vietnam vets while they were in a P O W camp during the war. McCain allegedly got medical care that his fellow troops did not; allegedly got good food that his fellow prisoners never got and who, just last year, voted to give away our country by offering a sort of Amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens here. No thanks.

Yes, I see good reason for the political candidates this year to be gotten rid of and from my viewpoint, ricin could be used by some nefarious person to accomplish that. It's the type of weapon that Secret Service cannot protect anyone from. What are they gonna do, check everyone for straws as they enter a campaign venue? And once the poison is delivered, there is no treatment and no cure. Death is 100% guaranteed."END QUOTE

The Secret Service did contact Jesus General and as you can read he tells about it.
Racists have their own coded language. I am somewhat familiar with it due to my independent racist blog watching as a member of the SPLC which is on my side bar.

As anyone knows who cared to read my post ( THE WAR AGAINST BLACK AMERICA AND ANYBODY ELSE WHO THINKS A BLACK CAN ATTAIN A POWERFUL POLITICAL POSITION, 3 posts down) and watched the video provided about COINTELPRO the FBI had a program in the 60's and 70's to Assassinate either the characters or persons of Major Black Leaders. I also in that post noted and posted a vid of the Secret Service detail being pulled off the rear of President Kennedy's car as it was leaving Love Field on it's way through Dealy Plaza on Nov. 22 1963. In the video COINTELPRO you will also learn that the Police protection for Rev. King was also pulled back.

It is obvious who the FBI(or whatever Government hand) and their Racist assets would target today. Taken all that into account, I want to do my best to Alert All to the threat. My research reveals what I believe is the target date of the Assassination attempt on Sen. Obama.

The number 88 stands for Heil Hitler. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet.
Police Code "10-5" is "Relay Message"
Police Code "10-88" is "Assume your Post"
A "Code 5" is "Stakeout Uniformed Officers Stay Away"

UPDATE 3-2-08 In Hospital Code 55 is "Violent Person"
Per Georgia Slave Code- "State not liable to owner for slave executed. -- The state shall in no instance be answerable for, or liable to pay the owner whatever for any Negro slave or slaves who may laws of this state."

This what a commenter left at Hal Turners site, ""Code 55 understood.
It will happen within 5 days of your effect date.'
Good luck to everyone!
SIEG HEIL!!!!!!! | 02.29.08 - 9:19 pm | #" (This comment has since been removed from Hal Turners "off site" message board.)

That date would be Wednesday March 5th 2008. Wednesday - Odin's Day. 3+5=8 8th year. 88 - Heil Hitler. This is the day I think Sen. Obama will have an Assassination attempt made on his life.

I Hope and Pray that I am wrong. I want everybody to come here on March 6th and laugh at me. I want to be the Conspiracy nut that I know some would think I am. Maybe I'll say, yeah, "maybe because of the heads up it was prevented". Whatever. I don't care about all that. Just think of what will happen if Sen. Obama is assassinated. Just think how this Regime will respond. Please spread the word. I don't want any credit on what you post. Post away. Call away. The biggest weapon they are counting on is our own ignorance. I'm calling the Secret Service and the Obama Campaign tomorrow.
UPDATE:CONCERNING THE RICIN FOUND IN LAS VEGAS THIS IS FROM A REPORT BY THE AP WIRE AT 6:44AM EST - "LAS VEGAS - As police tried to piece together how a rare, deadly poison ended up in a motel for transients, the 57-year-old man who could hold the key lay unconscious in a hospital.Adding to the mystery, police said firearms and an "anarchist type textbook" were found in the same room where the ricin was discovered two days later.

Capt. Joseph Lombardo said at a news conference late Friday that the book was tabbed at a spot with information about ricin. Police found the firearms and books on Tuesday after a manager at the Extended Stay America motel called police upon discovering weapons, he said, without elaborating."
The article later reads, "Authorities said there was no apparent link to terrorist activity...." The "Authorities" also found castor beans. Okay - Unknown Weapons, Ricin,the base ingredient to ricin castor beans, and Anarchist literature found. They are obviously not revealing all. With good reasons which I'm sure are not nefarious.
RICIN STORY UDATE 3-3-08 - "FBI agents on Sunday searched a Utah house(Human note:residence of Thomas Tholen) as well as three storage units linked to a man whose hospitalization led to the discovery of deadly ricin in a motel room he had occupied on the Las Vegas Strip." Other pertinent quotes from the article - "a relative of Von Bergendorff found vials of ricin while cleaning out the room. He showed the vials to hotel management prompting a huge response by police and medical services."
"Police say the relative who turned in the ricin also stayed at Excalibur Hotel."
This article from another source states - "After Von Bergendorff became ill, his cousin, Thomas Tholen, went down to help him. The vials of ricin were found by Tholen, 53, who took them to the motel office of the Extended Stay America that Von Bergendorff was staying in when he fell ill."
"On Feb. 22, Tholen called the motel to say that a dog and two cats were in Von Bergendorff's motel room."
Human comment - Reported timeline - Feb. 14th Von Bergendorff hospitalized. Date unknown - His cousin Thomas Tholen comes down to the hospital. Feb. 22, Tholen called the motel to say that a dog and two cats were in Von Bergendorff's motel room.(Where was he calling from? He had a room at a nearby hotel)
Feb. 26th Police are called by Extended Stay Staff reporting weapons and anarchist literature. Police search does not turn up the ricin vials. Feb 27th A "relative"(most likely Tholen) finds the ricin vials and takes them to Extended Hotel Staff who then reported the find to the police. Tholen obviously was in Von Bergendorff's room on or before Feb. 22nd. He either had a key or was let in by another. He does not report weapons, ricin or the anarchist lit. at that time.


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