Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Vote Vets has a new ad out. Will the Senator answer the Lady?

Here is my take on the debate in Cleveland -
1)I found it Hefreakinglarious that Sen. Clinton complained of being asked the 1st question all the time. She even asked why. Which went unanswered.
The men knowing that Political Correctness is the watchword of the day could not answer honestly. The honest answer (or at least mine)would of went like this,
"Excuse me Senator Clinton, but I was born in 1961 and raised to let the Lady go 1st."

Sen. Clinton's attacks fell pretty flat.
The most effective attacks on Sen. Obama came from the questions on Farrakhan. I don't mean they had any merit. However as is the wont of a supporter to put words in a candidates mouth, I would have after they kept pressing the point, was to say, "You are trying to take the words of another and put them in my mouth. I don't think anybody's buying it, but good luck." In the end he did very well on it. Sen. Clinton's attack on "denouncing" or "rejecting" was pretty weak and Sen. Obama showed just how weak it was.
Sen. Clinton's most lame attack was her lie that Sen. Obama would "bomb Pakistan". He also handled that very well.
On persona, Sen. Clinton looked as bitter as ever.
Sen. Obama looked like he was, well a President(but I admit, I'm biased on that one).

Security - If one noticed the SS was real tight up on Sen. Obama after the debate when the candidates went to sign and greet the front row. One SS man almost grabbed the left arm of Sen. Obama as if he was ready to pull him back and shield. It seemed to me that Sen Obama was keeping that elbow available to grab. The 2 SS men closest were really looking at the crowd hard.

There was only one SS man that I could see near Sen. Clinton during the signing and greet. He hung back with hands crossed.

It was a good debate and though I'm sure we all had wished our respective candidates had said this or that or the "Moderators" were less invective towards our Man or Woman I think that it was more of a service to the American voting public than any other of the debates. And what the hey, at least there were not any, "Diamonds or Pearls" questions.

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