Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Deadly Economic Theories and a Political Test

On the Kucinich thread, my longest online friend Steven Rix clued me into an interview by Kucinich's Economic Advisor, Prof. Michael Hudson. You can read it at Mr. Hudson hmpg. under "Recent Documents". It's entitled "Debtor Nation: The Hijacking of America's Economy". It's PDF at 9 pgs.

The other link I want to bring to your attention is from DOHC (No Home Address). He and I are proud members of "Banned From Crooks & Liars Club". This is a blind political survey. The only problem for me was the makers representation of "Net Neutrality". Evidently he/she bought into the doublespeak and thinks Net Neutrality is a leveler, when the legislation proposed in that name in anything but.
So go ahead and "Pick Your Candidate".

For those that watched "The Century of Self", you can continue your deprogramming by watching the 3 part " The Trap". It deals with Economic-Socio Theories that have brought us to today.

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