Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Democracy Now

corrects the exclusion of Rep. Dennis Kucinich from the debate.From Democracy Now - "In an exclusive broadcast, we re-broadcast excerpts of the debate and give the Ohio Congressman a chance to answer the questions he might have faced if he hadn’t been silenced." You can watch/listen to it here.

I also want to take this time to explain why I did not support Rep. Kucinich this time around. While participating in a demonstration against the American-Iraq War in DC, a gentleman came up to me and gave me a small flyer. Printed on it, was a speech Rep. Kucinch had made on the floor of Congress. It was one of the most inspiring speeches I had ever read. I had never heard of Rep. Kucinch and decided to find out more about him. As I did not have regular 'net access then options were limited. The only mention of him that I could find was on Fox News. It was a derisive piece. And well, that was enough for me. I had never campaigned for anybody before. I was a raring to go.

I called the Kucinch campaign office and volunteered my efforts. Many times I called. I went to the library and emailed his campaign. Many times. Weeks went by. Exasperated I even called his Congressional office. All of them. Many times. After a few months went by I switched to Dean For America Campaign. No hesitation there. I was involved right away. I often talked with campaign workers at Dean's HQ(late at night) I went to a few meetups, helped hand out flyers and wore Dean's colors wherever I went. It felt good to be in the fight. Someone did finally call from the Kucinich campaign. Months later.

My feelings are not personal, I just don't think Dennis wanted to win in '04. And I don't think he wants to win in '08. This was confirmed by his message to his Iowa supporters the day before Caucus. Yes there is a place for his message. And I wish that the MSM respected the voters enough to do that. But I know better. I must say I liked his answer on who his running mate choice would be, "Ron Paul". So while Rep. Kucinch has my full respect, I just could not waste money and effort on someone who does not intend to win.

Now, if both Kucinich and Paul go Indy together, well that a whole 'nother story baby.

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