Monday, January 14, 2008

Ron Paul, Not Backing Down and Neither Am I

Director of Austin NAACP, Nelson Linder

"You should look at Ron Paul more closely". This usually comes from a "Loyal Democrat".
Nothing more knee jerk than voting for someone because they have a "D" attached. So , I tell you "Loyal Democrats" you are part of the problem. In another effort to start the Deprograming , I offer this video - "Century of Self". It's probably futile to even ask that a "Loyal Democrat" watch a lengthy Documentary. After all, it takes one willing to "Look Closely".

Here's some other Ron Paul news for those that suffer from Knee Jerkitis won't click onto -
Austin NAACP Director Comes To Ron Paul's Defense. (I just might rejoin the NAACP if the Leaders retake the Civil Rights issue from racists like Al Sharpton.)

Ron Paul responds to AIPAC shill Wolf Blitzer and charges of Racism. Part 1

Part 2.

Peace. Give it a Chance. Too bad so many self called "Progressives" won't.

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