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The Hyprocrsy of Suburban Guerrilla

UPATE:(9:22am April 8th 2008) Judging by comments Suburban Guerrilla Susie and Chris enjoy their Echo Chamber likes it's a second home.
UPDATE:(9:05am April 6th 2008) - Chris, over at Suburban Guerrilla, has written a post claiming it was all the spam filters fault. I notice that he does not mention that it was my second comment that was censored. Evidently I was supposed to beg to have my 2nd comment posted.
UPDATE:(8:25pm April 5th, 2008) Another Day, Another Hillary Lie. This time she makes up a story concerning a personal tragedy in regards to the Health Care Crisis. With this lie she gives ammo to those who would deny that a problem exists. You know. The Republicans. Her Buds. Most people in America today know of or have been personally involved with Health problems that have been exacerbated by genuine road blocks. Why would Hillary feel that she would have to make up a story? Is it because she is so out of touch with the Common People that she herself denies that there are real problems to be addressed? Or is she just such a habitual liar that she can't help herself?
You can go to Left in Aboite for the Skinny on Hillary's latest Lie.
In response to her Lie, here is the link to SICKO once again.

On a surfing trip through the internet I came across "Suburban Guerrilla". Being a Hillary supporter she claims not to understand why there is such hatred for Hillary from Sen. Obama supporters. After referencing Rhandi Rhodes calling Hillary a Whore she asks the question, "where are the examples of Obama being treated this way by other Democrats"? She couples that question with the slur of calling Obama supporters Republican like, and writing, "stay classy". Instead of just putting up the often used "kettle meet pot" retort I decided to show her why we would be so riled up. I would of tried to be "Classy" except that would be like trying to bluff my way through a Miss America Pagent. Having grownup (Troll Alert-Door Open for Snark) all over America including my teens years on the mean streets of Los Angeles, "Classy" does not become me.

This was my response - "Well let’s see, That Clinton ad where she had the image of Sen. Obama darkened, the fake radio ad in Ohio on the day of the Primary where she lied about Sen. Obama talking to the Canadians behind the voters back regarding NAFTA, Her and her husbands praising McCain at the expense of another Democrat, you know the Black Guy, Her criticism of Sen. Obama when he said something nice about Reagan while she herself lists Reagan as one of her fav Presidents, her love affair with Murdoch. Her lie about being under sniper fire(just like a Repub Chickenhawk), taking credit she did not earn.
Is that enough? If not just wait a day.(see update above) mmmmm ooops, you said Obama supporters acting like Republicans. Not the Military Complex Whore Herself. Me bad.
Whatever lies the Clintons and their supporters throw, Sen. Obama will still win in #of Delegates, States Won and the Popular vote. I have no doubt she will put on a Convention fight. Like a good Republican her aims are to destroy any chance of Sen. Obma winning in the General and stopping a Progressive Agenda. It’s one prediction she might just make good. With a bunch of help from her supporters.

After my comment passed through comment moderation, there were 2 responses. However only one was done in a coherent manner. This was Dave's response -
"I don’t think that anyone outside the Obamasphere believes that the Clinton campaign darkened any pictures of Mr. Obama. Desaturated the picture, sure, but not darkened. And if Mr. Obama didn’t want to have the Canadian government running around claiming that he was lying about Nafta, well, the solution to that would have been to just not talk to the Canadian government in the first place.

But exploiting a foolish comment by the Obama campaign is not even on the same continent, let alone in the same ballpark, as being called a “Military Complex Whore”. And it’s pretty much routine now — a Clintonista will criticise Mr. Obama on policy points, political experience, or voter suppression, and back will come the crudest possible sexist slur possible against Ms. Clinton the woman and not Ms. Clinton the candidate.

Gosh, I can’t see *any* reason why we wouldn’t want to vote for your guy after this."

I thought that was a pretty good comment even if factually challenged. This was my rebuttal - "Desaturated? Is that a Bushism? Like "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"?
Voter suppression? Who is buying that? Just because her surrogates like Rendell and you keep repeating it does not make it so. Sen. Obama has played by the rules from the get go. Hillary has not. Did you know the Canadian Government contacted both Hillary and Senator Obama? Did you know both met with them? Do you know the meetings were weeks before? Why did the Canadians and Hillary lie about Sen. Obama's meeting just right before the Ohio Primary? Who do those fake "News" report ads remind you of? So, because the Canadians lied it's okay for Hillary to do so?
Policy points? You don't mean Iraq do you?
Experience? Let's see who has more time in a Legislature?
I guess you didn't like the fact that your candidate receives the most from the Mighty MIC? Guess which Dem receives the most from the Troops themselves?
Guess which candidate really did lie about NAFTA?
If you want to believe Hillary and her surrogates lies about Sen. Obama go ahead. But it don't change the facts.
And on the personal side, you like so many have a transference complex. She's your candidate, not your wife. Or you. it's called politics. It's okay. I was feeling the same way about my 1st pick, Rep. Paul. Then I moved on.
And for the record, they are all Whores. I just want one for us. It's time for We The People to get a Slice.
This comment did not get to be posted because "Suburban Guerrilla" put my IP in her spam catcher. If she didn't wanted an answer to her question and a discussion of the facts pertaining to it then she should either not ask it or just close comments on her post. Otherwise she is just being a Hypocriten. Just like her candidate.
Link to her post, She Don't get it.
Note: Out of hundreds of posts I have seldom put up a post about another blogger. The only others that I can recall off the top of my head are 2. That nasty Porcine from Hades and Kira. The real fun with Kira was in the comments of that post. Unlike "Suburban Guerrilla" they were and if still alive most likely still are Bush Usefools. Besides the obvious ,there is another similarity between Kira and "Suburban Guerrilla". Both claim to be Journalists. It's always good to end with a laugh.

Peace for those who take it. War and Woe to those who do not.

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