Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Few Words on my "Friendlies"

Friendlies are my links to blogs by people who I respect and mostly agree with. Kind and gentle people all. Yes I do read other blogs with completely opposite views than mine. For the same reason I sometimes watch Fox, Pat Robertson and other hate filled people. Know thy enemy.
From watching Pat Robertson and others of his irreligous ilk one can hear the chant weeks before O'Reilly and gang picks it up. I always watch or read them on a empty stomach.

Well enough about them and that.

If you have not perused my friendlies I urge you to do so. Not all are political in nature. Some are just sweet gentle people. All actually care about you, I and the shape of the World when they leave it. And here is my introductions-

A Glass of Sheri - A progressive Lady that puts up great daily political toons mixed in with a weekly rant. A take no prisoners attitude with a healthy curiosity.

all that i've got - A sweet gentle young Pakistan lady with a heart of gold and the wisdom of a mid-lifer. Posts poems and such that always reminds me of things that I need reminded of.

Antony Lowenstein - A Jewish Aussie who is anti-Zionist and pro-Peace. His articles also appear in Aussie newsapers and mags. Such outspokeness and garnered him death threats and character assassinations. A bit of a high and mighty attitude but can still admit it when he is wrong.

Cathie From Canada - A very open minded Lady from a Country that being progressive is the norm. Mostly posts on the American Political scene and some funny stuff.

Dancewater - A blog that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Last post was Nov. 2nd. I will wait till the the beginning of next year to delete the link. Posts News not found on the MSM.

Flight of The Dragonfly - A single mom with a beautiful child. A veteran of the Armed services who posts personal, funny, and life learning experiences. She makes me laugh and cry. Sometimes at the same time.

Left Veggie Drunk - Another Aussie who post mostly political stuff. Young and funny. Just the language cracks me up sometimes. Even if I don't understand the lingo. 1st person I want to go to the local Pub with if I ever make it down under.

Pensees sur les USA - A Frenchman who married an American who posts his best stuff while sober. A differant angle that one should look at least once in a while.

And my 2 new links are - PA04Blue - A fellow Pennsylvanian who helped color the state in '04. A Democrat who refuses to be taken for granted. Read his post of Dec. 3rd "Help save what's left of our Democracy." He has the priorities straight.

Me Here - Another Pakistani who I hooked up with via all that i've got. 1st thing I noticed was the humbleness of their blog names. Posts personal stuff that are very insightful. Funny I don't speak Pakistani and have not determined Fahd's sex. Also the inspiration of this particular post. Why? Well you just gonna have to click on Me Here's post of today to find out.

Peace to all, your Fellow Human

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