Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Traitor Bitch Rep. Jane Harman wants to drag down others with her.

Rep. Jane Harman(D-Israel) who is an official "Blue Dog" Democratic doesn't seem to like the revelation that she cooperated with the Bush Regimes efforts to take away your Civil Rights so the Bush Justice Dept. would stop an investigation regarding her Treasonous actions.
File this one under: Misery Loves Company.
I find it ironic that she claims the wiretapping was a "gross abuse of power", given that she voted for it.
If Lady Justice does come close to catching her, she can use her Get Out of Jail Free Card. She can flee to Israel and claim immediate Citizenship under the Law of Return.
I've already called her to immediately resign.
Please join me in removing a Foreign Agent from the Halls of Congress.
Her DC Office #202-225-8220

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