Wednesday, May 17, 2006


the fully comprehensive article on the Bush Regime's attack on America on the morning of Tuesday September 11th 2001 that I have wanted to do for a long time now?

No.It's always something. However I do want to call your attention to the 2 videos recently released through litigation by the efforts of Judicial watch.

Now I must admit that I'm not a Aeronautical Engineer. However I have seen many passenger aircraft up close. The cockpit seems to always be about 15' or more from the tarmac. If you can catch the frames(one each from the 2 videos) just as the Un-Identified Flying Object appears in the screen to the right you can discern the general shape of the front of the object and it's nearness to the ground. From that and taking the apparent size of the Pentagon, what size is the front of the object?

If you can play YouTube you can watch them here and scroll down for videos.

Since I brought this up I must introduce 2 sites. 911 Scholars For Truth is a group of Academics touring the country trying to get the info out to the people.
On their site you can see their scheduled appearances.

One of the Scholars Proff. Steven Jones BYU has a paper on the collapse of Building 7 (the one not hit by a plane) that has not been refuted by another Physicist.

To me, for one to believe the Bush Regime's version of what happened on that terrible day is the most far fetched theory I've heard. Unless the "Terrorists" had the power
to suspends Newton's Laws. Professor Jones explains. Transcript and video availible.


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