Friday, September 30, 2005


This was posted at from Jordans Grandma -
Hello Everyone!

First of all, I apologize for sending a mass mailing to you all.


The crazy bitch turned herself in to police, Jordan is in the hospital for
observation, my daughter is with him and the boy cannot stop smiling! He
hugged us all very long and very hard.

He said he knew we would find him.

He said he knew he needed to get to a phone to call 911, but his mother
wouldn't let him out of her sight.

He said she took him to "too many houses", and he is tired.

He said his mom saw something on the computer and then she saw herself on
the late local news broadcast and turned herself in.

Jordan is safe. He looks unharmed, but is exhausted. His psychiatrist has already been with him and will see him again today. The hospital is testing him for any signs of abuse, and he ate a huge meal early this morning.

Bottom line, For once a story like this has a happy ending.

Thank you all so very much for all of your support, action, friendship,
concern, love and kindness. You have no idea how much comfort you gave all
of us, to know that there were so many eyes and hearts out there looking and
doing something... You never want to know how helpless you can feel when
something like this happens.

I know it is a lot to ask, but please, alert your readers that this crisis
is over. I cannot bear the thought of anyone else worrying over our family,
and if you sent out email alerts, please send a follow up telling them that everything is ok. I would hate to see Jordan circulating 5 years from now in a chain email and end up on

God, it feels good to laugh.

Thursday, September 29, 2005



God help us.
I have a very serious post.

This is Jordan. He is 6 years old. He is missing. He is our child.

Jordan is a child in my family. He was abducted Tuesday evening by his mother. I know that sounds strange but allow me to explain.

My ex husband fathered this child. He was not aware of his existence until the boy was a little over a year old. The mother, Nancy, approached our family with the news claiming she just wanted him to know about it and to give him the opportunity to get to know all of us.

Shortly after we met Jordan, we began to notice things that didn't make sense. Marks on the child's body, bruises in strange places, odd behavior. Once Jordan was able to talk, we learned that he had been suffering unspeakable abuse at the hands of his mother.

Physical abuse. Psychological abuse. Sexual abuse.

Told to us by this child in his own words.

My ex and my family began a legal battle that has been going on in the court system for more than 3 years. The courts had allowed my daughter Kimmy emergency custody of Jordan and his mother had been kept away from him because there was evidence that she has serious mental health issues and is a danger to herself and others. Jordan has undergone intense psychological therapy to correct the wrongs that were perpetrated against him and his life had just begun to take on a more normal existence including attending school.

Then the court system decided that it would be a good idea for the mother to have strictly supervised visitation with Jordan 4 hours a week.

During her last visit, Tuesday night (9-27-05), she took the child and ran. We have not been able to find her or Jordan since.

The FBI is searching. The police are searching. We are searching.

Yet Jordan still remains unfound.

Please look at this picture. Please read the information I'm about to tell you about him. Please ask your friends and family to learn the same. Contact your local police department if you have any information.

Jordan Rolfe (birth name) or Jordan Barry (name he chooses to use, our name)
Born: March 10, 1999

Height: 4 feet

Weight: 50 pounds

Hair : Dark Brown, straight, medium-short length

Marks: Scar on middle back, rash (exzema) on right arm and wrist, wart on right thumb.

Last seen wearing a grey shirt with a navy blue collar and blue shorts with orange flames on the sides.

Taken from the city of Strongsville, Ohio. Last seen in Lakewood, Ohio on Clifton Blvd. 9-28-05 at 10:00 a.m. We suspect that she will be trying to make her way either towards Mexico, or Florida.

Nancy Rolfe may be driving a White Chevy conversion van with light blue or green pin stripes. She may also be with a friend who drives a white Honda with black trim. Nancy may be going by the name "Flora" and may have altered her appearance to look like an older woman. Nancy is in her 40's, thin, dark hair and approx. 5'6" tall.

ordan is at risk. He is in danger. We cannot get an Amber Alert issued because there is a custody case before the court, even though the judge, two different psychologists and a Guardian Ad Litum have all demanded that one be issued. There are cracks in the system, please help us to fill them and get the word out.

Please help. He calls me Grandma.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

LilItty Bitty Joe The Cutest, Bestest Boy In The Whole World

"Dad You Ride In The Back". That is my good friend Mike riding shotgun.

My Designated Driver er I mean Whiner.

Ready To Ride

Having A Ball

A Real Swinger

Booger Boy. This is a must save. I can show it to his girlfriends.

Boy Of Summer At Poolside

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


While I put together a report on the demonstration this last saturday I post this.
Friday, Sep 16, 2005
By: President Hugo Chavez

Your Excellencies, friends, good afternoon:

The original purpose of this meeting has been completely distorted. The imposed center of debate has been a so-called reform process that overshadows the most urgent issues, what the peoples of the world claim with urgency: the adoption of measures that deal with the real problems that block and sabotage the efforts made by our countries for real development and life.

Five years after the Millennium Summit, the harsh reality is that the great majority of estimated goals- which were very modest indeed- will not be met.

We pretended reducing by half the 842 million hungry people by the year 2015. At the current rate that goal will be achieved by the year 2215. Who in this audience will be there to celebrate it? That is only if the human race is able to survive the destruction that threats our natural environment.

We had claimed the aspiration of achieving universal primary education by the year 2015. At the current rate that goal will be reached after the year 2100. Let us prepare, then, to celebrate it.

Friends of the world, this takes us to a sad conclusion: The United Nations has exhausted its model, and it is not all about reform. The XXI century claims deep changes that will only be possible if a new organization is founded. This UN does not work. We have to say it. It is the truth. These transformations - the ones Venezuela is referring to- have, according to us, two phases: The immediate phase and the aspiration phase, a utopia. The first is framed by the agreements that were signed in the old system. We do not run away from them. We even bring concrete proposals in that model for the short term. But the dream of an ever-lasting world peace, the dream of a world not ashamed by hunger, disease, illiteracy, extreme necessity, needs-apart from roots- to spread its wings to fly. We need to spread our wings and fly. We are aware of a frightening neoliberal globalization, but there is also the reality of an interconnected world that we have to face not as a problem but as a
challenge. We could, on the basis of national realities, exchange knowledge, integrate markets, interconnect, but at the same time we must understand that there are problems that do not have a national solution: radioactive clouds, world oil prices, diseases, warming of the planet or the hole in the ozone layer. These are not domestic problems. As we stride toward a new United Nations model that includes all of us when they talk about the people, we are bringing four indispensable and urgent reform proposals to this Assembly: the first; the expansion of the Security Council in its permanent categories as well as the non permanent categories, thus allowing new developed and developing countries as new permanent and non permanent categories. The second; we need to assure the necessary improvement of the work methodology in order to increase transparency, not to diminish it. The third; we need to immediately suppress- we have said this repeatedly in Venezuela for the past six years-
the veto in the decisions taken by the Security Council, that elitist trace is incompatible with democracy, incompatible with the principles of equality and democracy.

And the fourth; we need to strengthen the role of the Secretary General; his/her political functions regarding preventive diplomacy, that role must be consolidated. The seriousness of all problems calls for deep transformations. Mere reforms are not enough to recover that "we" all the peoples of the world are waiting for. More than just reforms we in Venezuela call for the foundation of a new United Nations, or as the teacher of Simón Bolívar, Simón Rodríguez said: "Either we invent or we err."

At the Porto Alegre World Social Forum last January different personalities asked for the United Nations to move outside the United States if the repeated violations to international rule of law continue. Today we know that there were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The people of the United States have always been very rigorous in demanding the truth to their leaders; the people of the world demand the same thing. There were never any weapons of mass destruction; however, Iraq was bombed, occupied and it is still occupied. All this happened over the United Nations. That is why we propose this Assembly that the United Nations should leave a country that does not respect the resolutions taken by this same Assembly. Some proposals have pointed out to Jerusalem as an international city as an alternative. The proposal is generous enough to propose an answer to the current conflict affecting Palestine. Nonetheless, it may have some characteristics that could make it very
difficult to become a reality. That is why we are bringing a proposal made by Simón Bolívar, the great Liberator of the South, in 1815. Bolívar proposed then the creation of an international city that would host the idea of unity.

We believe it is time to think about the creation of an international city with its own sovereignty, with its own strength and morality to represent all nations of the world. Such international city has to balance five centuries of unbalance. The headquarters of the United Nations must be in the South.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are facing an unprecedented energy crisis in which an unstoppable increase of energy is perilously reaching record highs, as well as the incapacity of increase oil supply and the perspective of a decline in the proven reserves of fuel worldwide. Oil is starting to become exhausted.

For the year 2020 the daily demand for oil will be 120 million barrels. Such demand, even without counting future increments- would consume in 20 years what humanity has used up to now. This means that more carbon dioxide will inevitably be increased, thus warming our planet even more.

Hurricane Katrina has been a painful example of the cost of ignoring such realities. The warming of the oceans is the fundamental factor behind the demolishing increase in the strength of the hurricanes we have witnessed in the last years. Let this occasion be an outlet to send our deepest condolences to the people of the United States. Their people are brothers and sisters of all of us in the Americas and the rest of the world.

It is unpractical and unethical to sacrifice the human race by appealing in an insane manner the validity of a socioeconomic model that has a galloping destructive capacity. It would be suicidal to spread it and impose it as an infallible remedy for the evils which are caused precisely by them.

Not too long ago the President of the United States went to an Organization of American States' meeting to propose Latin America and the Caribbean to increase market-oriented policies, open market policies-that is neoliberalism- when it is precisely the fundamental cause of the great evils and the great tragedies currently suffered by our people. : The neoliberal capitalism, the Washington Consensus. All this has generated is a high degree of misery, inequality and infinite tragedy for all the peoples on his continent.

What we need now more than ever Mr. President is a new international order. Let us recall the United Nations General assembly in its sixth extraordinary session period in 1974, 31 years ago, where a new International Economic Order action plan was adopted, as well as the States Economic Rights and Duties Charter by an overwhelming majority, 120 votes for the motion, 6 against and 10 abstentions. This was the period when voting was possible at the United Nations. Now it is impossible to vote. Now they approve documents such as this one which I denounce on behalf of Venezuela as null, void and illegitimate. This document was approved violating the current laws of the United Nations. This document is invalid! This document should be discussed; the Venezuelan government will make it public. We cannot accept an open and shameless dictatorship in the United Nations. These matters should be discussed and that is why I petition my colleagues, heads of states and heads of governments, to
discuss it.

I just came from a meeting with President Néstor Kirchner and well, I was pulling this document out; this document was handed out five minutes before- and only in English- to our delegation. This document was approved by a dictatorial hammer which I am here denouncing as illegal, null, void and illegitimate.

Hear this, Mr. President: if we accept this, we are indeed lost. Let us turn off the lights, close all doors and windows! That would be unbelievable: us accepting a dictatorship here in this hall.

Now more than ever- we were saying- we need to retake ideas that were left on the road such as the proposal approved at this Assembly in 1974 regarding a New Economic International Order. Article 2 of that text confirms the right of states to nationalizing the property and natural resources that belonged to foreign investors. It also proposed to create cartels of raw material producers. In the Resolution 3021, May, 1974, the Assembly expressed its will to work with utmost urgency in the creation of a New Economic International Order based on- listen carefully, please- "the equity, sovereign equality, interdependence, common interest and cooperation among all states regardless of their economic and social systems, correcting the inequalities and repairing the injustices among developed and developing countries, thus assuring present and future generations, peace, justice and a social and economic development that grows at a sustainable rate."

The main goal of the New Economic International Order was to modify the old economic order conceived at Breton Woods.

We the people now claim- this is the case of Venezuela- a new international economic order. But it is also urgent a new international political order. Let us not permit that a few countries try to reinterpret the principles of International Law in order to impose new doctrines such as "pre-emptive warfare." Oh do they threaten us with that pre-emptive war! And what about the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine? We need to ask ourselves. Who is going to protect us? How are they going to protect us?

I believe one of the countries that require protection is precisely the United States. That was shown painfully with the tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina; they do not have a government that protects them from the announced nature disasters, if we are going to talk about protecting each other; these are very dangerous concepts that shape imperialism, interventionism as they try to legalize the violation of the national sovereignty. The full respect towards the principles of International Law and the United Nations Charter must be, Mr. President, the keystone for international relations in today's world and the base for the new order we are currently proposing.

It is urgent to fight, in an efficient manner, international terrorism. Nonetheless, we must not use it as an excuse to launch unjustified military aggressions which violate international law. Such has been the doctrine following September 11. Only a true and close cooperation and the end of the double discourse that some countries of the North apply regarding terrorism, could end this terrible calamity.

In just seven years of Bolivarian Revolution, the people of Venezuela can claim important social and economic advances.

One million four hundred and six thousand Venezuelans learned to read and write. We are 25 million total. And the country will-in a few days- be declared illiteracy-free territory. And three million Venezuelans, who had always been excluded because of poverty, are now part of primary, secondary and higher studies.

Seventeen million Venezuelans-almost 70% of the population- are receiving, and for the first time, universal healthcare, including the medicine, and in a few years, all Venezuelans will have free access to an excellent healthcare service. More thatn a million seven hundred tons of food are channeled to over 12 million people at subsidized prices, almost half the population. One million gets them completely free, as they are in a transition period. More than 700 thousand new jobs have been created, thus reducing unemployment by 9 points. All of this amid internal and external aggressions, including a coup d'etat and an oil industry shutdown organized by Washington. Regardless of the conspiracies, the lies spread by powerful media outlets, and the permanent threat of the empire and its allies, they even call for the assassination of a president. The only country where a person is able to call for the assassination of a head of state is the United States. Such was the case of a Reverend
called Pat Robertson, very close to the White House: He called for my assassination and he is a free person. That is international terrorism!

We will fight for Venezuela, for Latin American integration and the world. We reaffirm our infinite faith in humankind. We are thirsty for peace and justice in order to survive as species. Simón Bolívar, founding father of our country and guide of our revolution swore to never allow his hands to be idle or his soul to rest until he had broken the shackles which bound us to the empire. Now is the time to not allow our hands to be idle or our souls to rest until we save humanity.

Translated by Néstor Sánchez

Friday, September 23, 2005


Saturday, September 24
Massive March, Rally, FESTIVAL & CONCERT -

10:00AM All-Day Peace & Justice Festival Begins, Washington Monument Grounds
11:30AM Rally at Ellipse
12:30PM March steps off
3:00PM "Operation Ceasefire" Concert featuring Cindy Sheehan

March Route for September 24

Leave no military bases behind
End the looting of Iraq
Stop the torture
Stop bankrupting our communities
No military recruitment in our schools

More than two years after the illegal and immoral U.S. invasion of Iraq, the nightmare continues. More than 1600 U.S. soldiers have died, at least another 15,000 have been wounded; even the most conservative estimates of Iraqi deaths number in the tens of thousands. Iraq, a once sovereign nation, now lies in ruins under the military and corporate occupation of the United States; U.S. promises to rebuild have not been kept and Iraqis still lack food, water, electricity, and other basic needs.

A majority of Americans believe that this war never should have happened, but our elected representatives in Washington continue to rubber-stamp the Bush Administration's disastrous Iraq policies. They have given military recruiters nearly unrestricted access to our schools -- and the Pentagon nearly unrestricted access to our tax dollars. At a time when our vital social programs are eroding or completely decimated, an overwhelming majority in Congress recently approved Bush's request for an additional $82 billion in war funding, and there's already talk of another $50 billion appropriation this fall.

It's time to hold all pro-war politicians accountable for the deaths, the destruction, the lies, and the toll on our communities! Join United for Peace and Justice in Washington, D.C. for three massive days of action against the war: a major march, rally, and festival on Saturday, September 24; an interfaith religious service and day of grassroots trainings on Sunday, September 25; and a large-scale grassroots lobbying day and mass nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience on Monday, September 26.

From every corner of this country, people will travel to Washington to bring our demands directly to the policymakers responsible for this unjust war. These three days of actions will send a clear message to the White House and Congress: The Iraq war must end. It's time to bring all the troops home, leaving no U.S. military bases behind, and to stop the corporate theft of Iraq's resources. Instead of draining our national treasury for endless war, we demand that our tax dollars be used to repair the damage done to Iraq and to fund services in our communities. We call for an immediate end to our government's assault on immigrants, the unethical pressures on our young people to join the military, and the undermining of democracy through relentless attacks on everyone's basic rights.

Our mobilization will coincide with the meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, whose economic policies place corporate profits ahead of basic human needs worldwide. We will speak out against the corporate theft of Iraq's resources and the decimation of the Iraqi economy through privatization and "free trade."

Join our weekend of action to stop this war, and help prevent any new wars!



Click here to download Operation Ceasefire schedule, festival map and "Tips for what to bring to this antiwar show!" (420k jpg)

Join Operation Ceasefire, a new coalition of concerned musicians, for a massive anti-war concert/rally at the Washington Monument on September 24th. This event will be a centerpiece of what is expected to be 4 days of enormous protests in nation's capital in support of a full withdrawal of U.S. forces from the quagmire in Iraq. The concert will bring together musical acts such as: Thievery Corporation, punk rock and independent musicians LeTigre, Bouncing Souls, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists; country music artist Steve Earle, rock and soul band the Bellrays; latin musicians Machetres, socially conscious hip-hop groups The Coup and Head-Roc; The Evens (Ian Mackaye and Amy Farina), Grammy Award-winning African American female a cappella ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock and even long time activists Wayne Kramer of the MC5 and hosted by Jello Biafra!

With over 60% of the public currently opposed to the war in Iraq, this concert is a fun way we can all come together and demand that this Congress and this administration bring our troops home and start a well over due Ceasefire!

Join our mailing list today for email updates.

Or Send your check to United for Peace and Justice attn:Operation Ceasefire-1858 Mintwood Place, NW #4 Washington, DC 20009

This is a FREE concert, so if you can please send a few bucks our way to help put this show on!

The Operation Ceasefire performer schedule is as follows:

2:05 PM - Machetres

2:30 PM - Living Things

3:18 PM - Joan Baez

3:50 PM - Wayne Kramer and the Bellrays

4:41 PM - Steve Earle

5:31 PM - The Coup

6:23 PM - Sweet Honey in the Rock

7:09 PM - The Evens

7:54 PM - Ted Leo+Pharmacists

8:50 PM - Head Roc

9:37 PM - Thievery Corporation

10:59 PM - Pure Belly Dance

11:27 PM - Bouncing Souls

12:12 AM - Le Tigre

The following speakers will appear between the musical acts: host Jello Biafra, Co-Founder of Gold Star Families for Peace Cindy Sheehan, Representative Lynn Woolsey, Washington Wizard Forward Etan Thomas, Former State Department Officer Ann Wright, national radio commentator Jim Hightower, Fernando Suarez del Solar of Gold Star Families, Reverend Graylan Hagler, Cindy Corrie, Mother of peace activist Rachel Corrie who was killed in the West Bank, Code Pink and Global Exchange Co-Founder Medea Benjamin, the DC Guerilla Poets, Investigative Journalist Greg Palast, Iraq Vets Against the War Co- Founder Michael Hoffman, Anti-Flag drummer Pat Thetic and more.


This will be a weekend to remember.
Come join us as we try to make a better world. The village you save could be your own.

Posted by Human 9-22-06 10:31pm

Thursday, September 22, 2005




September 14, 2005 -- Is Urban Moving Systems chief back in US? There are indications that Israeli national Dominik Suter, the former head of Urban Moving Systems in Weehawken, NJ is back in the United States, this time in south Florida and may be using his actual name. An informed source claims that Suter is working for an aviation-related firm in south Florida. The firm is reportedly involved in parts locating for the aerospace and aviation industries.

Suter ran the Weehawken, NJ-based moving company on 9-11 when a number of Urban Moving Systems vans were spotted around north Jersey before and after the hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center. One Urban Moving van was seen at Liberty State Park in Jersey City as the first plane hit the towers. The five occupants, all Israeli nationals, were seen videotaping and celebrating the attack and were dressed in Arab clothing. The five were later arrested near Giant Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. One of the Israelis told police they were at Liberty State Park to "document the event."

Mysterious 911 moving van operator reportedly back in the US

After the Israelis were detained for several months in Brooklyn as terrorist suspects, they were quickly deported to Israel. After the FBI questioned Suter on September 11, he fled the United States on September 14, 2001. The FBI was due to question Suter again before he fled the country. Later, Federal law enforcement agents discovered pipes, caps, explosive chemical materials, and traces of anthrax at the Weehawken warehouse. Suter's name and those of some of his moving employees turned up in a CIA database of foreign intelligence agents. Suter's name also appeared on an FBI 9-11 terrorism suspect list. Suter's year of birth is listed as 1970 with a social security number of 129-78-0926. His addresses before 9-11 are listed as 28 Harlow Crescent Rd., Fairlawn, NJ 07410; 312 Pavonia Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07302; and 15000 Dickens, Suite 11, Sherman Oaks CA. If Suter has been permitted to re-enter the United States, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security and its chief Michael Chertoff have a lot of explaining to do.
End W M Report.

Human - I am working on putting the Iraseli Connection together with links to post soon. With Gov. Bush ready to help in the attack any thing is possible. I'm leaning towards a false flag op involving "finding" WMD or an attack of the same. Or the sabotage of aircraft. Which brings me to say again that ther have been a lot of airplanes accidents in the last oh say 9 months. Anyways just to kick start your own research google "Israeli art students".

Floridians need to be watchful of movement on these people. If anybody can confirm or deny the prescence and or activities of Dominik Suter and Company please do so. Photo's would be great.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm back.

Peace to all. I've been having major cmptr problems and the only blog I could log onto was moxiegrrrl. I just accessed my own blog here.

To Robert Keef - Yes I have missed you all too.

My Mom who lives with us, has been through some tough times medically, though she seems fine for now. What with the baby and her I have not been attenitive to my blog friends as I like :(

Anywho I'm back and ready blog.

I'm back.

Hi, to everybody. I've been having major cmptr problems. I've have not been able to log on to blogger and have only had access to the net every now and then.

To Robert Keef - I cannot log onto your blog, when I click onto your name the profile is blank. I will try to contact 1 of our mutual buds and see if they can help me find you or post something here.

The only blog I have been able to log onto is Moxiegrrrl.

My mom who lies with us has been going through some tough times medically. She seems ok now though. What with my lil Joe and my Mom I have not been attentive to my blogs friends :(

Anyways Iza back and ready to blog.

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If one would also like to donate $ I recommend the or visiting your local ARC office.

May we all come together and help each other. If you are not willing or cannot volunteer or donate, I ask that you at least make an extra effort to be civil with each other and understand that distressed person you run into tomorrow just may have dire things on their mind and their attitude may very well have nothing to do with you.