Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yeah things are bad just about all around.

Every day I meet someone who has lost their job in my small town. Steve the father of 2 children who lives 2 doors down had to take a $3.00 dollar an hour pay cut on his construction job. The Twins who grew up across the street have both been laid off from Grove Mfg. One of the twins is going for an interview at Letterkenny Army Depot today.

I guess the War Machine will have to float us for a while. Or maybe we will get what comes around.

At least we don't have to live in this girls' neighborhood.

That is the Iraq we created. This is Our Daily Bread.

I don't want to live like a Cannibal any more.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Traitor Bitch Rep. Jane Harman wants to drag down others with her.

Rep. Jane Harman(D-Israel) who is an official "Blue Dog" Democratic doesn't seem to like the revelation that she cooperated with the Bush Regimes efforts to take away your Civil Rights so the Bush Justice Dept. would stop an investigation regarding her Treasonous actions.
File this one under: Misery Loves Company.
I find it ironic that she claims the wiretapping was a "gross abuse of power", given that she voted for it.
If Lady Justice does come close to catching her, she can use her Get Out of Jail Free Card. She can flee to Israel and claim immediate Citizenship under the Law of Return.
I've already called her to immediately resign.
Please join me in removing a Foreign Agent from the Halls of Congress.
Her DC Office #202-225-8220

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Monday, April 20, 2009

I was really trying to give President Obama a chance

before I offered any severe criticism. I was going to give him a year. After all the damage that has been done by the Bush Regime, I thought it was wise. I kept silent when nomination pick after nomination pick were Major Racketeers or Employees of Corporate America. I kept silent when he signed the bailout of the Crooks who manufactured the housing crisis. However, enough is enough.

It is clear that the Bush Regime authorized, in writing, Torture. It is time for a full investigation and prosecution. NOW!

Mr. President, I did not campaign, donate and vote for you to ignore the ugliness of it all. I did all that because I believed that there was a fair chance that you could be a President who we would be all proud of. Instead, you seem to be a clock watcher. I've worked at a few jobs where I "worked with" a clock watcher. It was more of a "work around" situation. Sometimes that included the Boss. Which was real hard to do. As "Top O' Hat" you have certain responsibilities. Either do your job, or get the fuck out of the way.
White Phone# 202-456-1111
White House Contact Page

PS. Ron Paul , my 1st pick would of had all the Bastards in jail by now.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama Administration is set to go after Interntional Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles

This could very well lead to a final accounting of what President Nixon called, "..that Cuban thing".

In other legal news, Spanish authorities are going investigate 6 members of the Bush Regime for torture.

Remember folks, the most horrific pictures from Abu Gharib were never made public.
These include the Rape and Murder of children by Americans.

Peace. It's possible. But some real ugly facts will have to be revealed in all thier horror.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009


The only way I foresee to overcome the overwhelming problems caused by the absence of any meaningful accounting of Financial Institutions is to take the first step by way of an Audit.

At anytime you can be pulled into an IRS office and be coerced with the threat of immediate imprisonment to give a full accounting of your assets. Why not the Robber Barons? And why not Audit our supposed Representative Government?

If you find it as difficult to understand how we came to this Collapse as I did, the following interview of William F. Black, the man who brought forth a lot of facts concerning the "Savings and Loan Scandal" (Keating 5) will clear some of the haze.

Click Here for Bill Moyers interview of Mr. Black.


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