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These stories from ABC Online News(the A is for Australian mate).
A new sign at British Museums - "Check Shoelaces".

Pimp My Clinic

It's all in the way it is said

Good thing he did not have a Colostomy bag

Eu Du Jonah


Now I ask ya, why would anybody want to leave a land of such enchantment as Australia?
Well if your like Leftvegdrunk and filled with Wanderlust and an interest in other peoples you will understand.

In just 5 days he will start a Great Adventure that will be the envy of many. Including me.
He is going on a two month exploration of South East Asia!

You can read about his preparations and his coming promised updates as he strolls about at his Travel Diary.

Be sure to visit and wish him a hearty Bon Voyage.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Once Upon A Time

I admitted defeat and sent Her this.

LOVERS, forget your love,
And list to the love of these,
She a window flower,
And he a winter breeze.

When the frosty window veil
Was melted down at noon,
And the cagèd yellow bird
Hung over her in tune,

He marked her through the pane,
He could not help but mark,
And only passed her by,
To come again at dark.

He was a winter wind,
Concerned with ice and snow,
Dead weeds and unmated birds,
And little of love could know.

But he sighed upon the sill,
He gave the sash a shake,
As witness all within
Who lay that night awake.

Perchance he half prevailed
To win her for the flight
From the firelit looking-glass
And warm stove-window light.

But the flower leaned aside
And thought of naught to say,
And morning found the breeze
A hundred miles away.

Robert Frost

Friday, January 27, 2006

An Article I Agree With

The Tikkun Community and the Network of Spiritual Progressives
have to look at the Middle East in a more sophisticated and
complex way than the ideologues on both sides. The Hamas elec-
tion challenges us--and yet it was something we consistently

News Release: On the apparent Electoral Victory of Hamas

Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun Magazine: A bimonthly Jewish
Critique of Politics, Culture and Society, and national director of the
Network of Spiritual Progressives, issued the following statement upon
hearing of the electoral victory of Hamas in Palestinian elections:

Just as the election of previously Israeli terrorists Menachem
Begin,Yitzhak Shamir and Ariel Sharon set the backdrop for the
possibiliy of peace negotiations with Israel's enemies in the
past thirty years,the election of the murderous terrorists of
Hamas may ultimately make it more likey that a peace agreement
entered into by a Hamas dominated government would actually
amount to something lasting and substantial.

We at Tikkun have no sympathy for Hamas' terrorism, and we are
distressed that the new government of the Palestinians will be
a govrnment collaborating with those whose hands are drenched
in blood.But this does not distinguish them, for example, from
Ariel Sharon's government or George Bush's government, which
have both been responsible for the deaths of more innocent
civilians than Hamas (though always excusing themselves because
these deathw were "only collateral damage").
So Israel and the U.S. ought to get off of their moral outrage
at Hamas and recognize that this election provides them, in the
long run, with opportunities to make peace with their enemies.
But that will only happen if Israel and the U.S. stop using the
lame excuse that they won't negotiate with terrorists, a position
that would have led the U.S. to remain in Vietnam to this day,
refusing to talk to Vietnamese terrorists.

We'd be even more distressed if we believed that the vote for
Hamas represented a rejection of a two state solution and endorse-
ment of "endless war till Israel is destroyed." But there is little
evidence of that. That was not the central idea put forward by
Hamas in its electoral bid. Rather, it challenged the corruption
in the Palestinian Authority and its failure to have made real pro-
gress in improving the life conditions of the Palestinian people.

Hamas would not have won without the conscious decision of Ariel
Sharon to foster that possibility. From the moment that Sharon
rejected negotiations with Arafat, who had explicitly
recognized the existence of the State of Israel, and ended the
Fatah call for Israel's destruction, Sharon was strengthening
the credibility of Hamas. If Fatah was too radical to be nego-
tiated with, what would the Palestinian people be losing by
voting for Hamas? And then when Arafat was replaced by a Pale-
stinian president Abbas who implemented an end to the Intifada
and preached non-violence and negotations, and he too was rejected
as a viable partner for Israel by Ariel Sharon, and Sharon
instead went ahead and unilaterally withdrew from Gaza
(as opposed to withdrawing in coordination with the Fatah's
Palestinian Authority government) he was clearly sending the
message that the Palestinian Authority could deliver nothing for
the Palestinian people. Some in the peace movement argue that
this was exactly what Sharon was aiming for a victory of terror-
ists that would relieve pressure on Israel to make serious
territorial compromises.

Had Israel wanted a peace-oriented party in control in
Palestine, it would have joined with the Palestinians in a
massive effort to rebuild Gaza and end the near-starvation
faced by close to 60% of the population there, and it would
have dismantled some of the roadblocks in the West Bank to
signal its willingness to ease the life conditions of
Palesitnians. Without being able to provide any reason to
believe that it could deliver an improvement in the condit-
ions of life of the Palestinian people, the Fatah party seems
according to early reports) to have been decisively rebuked
by the Palestinian people. But this was not a vote for
endless war with Israel, but repudiation of the non-performing
government of Fatah.

We continue to believe that a solution is easily at hand--an
accord along the lines of the Tikkun Resolution for Middle
East Peace or along the lines of the Geneva Accord. But, as
we've argued in two recent books (Healing Israel/Palestine,
and The Geneva Accord and other Strategies for Middle East
Peace, both published by North Atlantic Books), no political
arrangement will ever be sufficient unless it is accompanied
by a reconciliation based on a recogntion that both sides
have been unnecessarily cruel and hurtful to the other and
both sides need to do real repentance and atonement.

We believe that such a recognition could be fostered by a Truth and
Reconciliation commission working inside both countries, but that may
require first a withdrawal of Israeli troops to the pre-67 borders with
minor border adjustments outlined in the Geneva Accord. Till then, the
most we can hope for is that both sides stop posturing, and stop
believing that they can teach the other side a lesson through violence.
Such a commission would undoutedly expose not only the immoral acts of
the Israeli government, but those of both Fatah and Hamas as well.

The only way to peace is through non-violence, and we urge that on both
sides of the conflict. Deeply committed to the survival and flourishing
of Israel, Tikkun recognizes that the only path to peace is one that
actively helps secure fore the Palestinian people the same well-being
that Israelis seek for themselves. Indeed, the only way this world will
ever be secure is when we in the countries with greater military and
economic power recognize that our interests will best be served by
ensuring the well-being economically and politically of everyone else
the planet as well. WE ARE ONE should no longer be the slogan of the
Jewish people alone, but of all people on the planet--and from that
recognition, and policies that stem from that recognition, we will
achieve peace and social justice for all. Our prayer is that the human
race quickly comes to this recognition, and a beautiful place to start
would be for a transformation in the consciousness of both Palestinians
and Israelis so that both sides could recognize the humanity of the
other. Whatever contributes to that transformation we welcome; whatever
undermines it must be challenged. We pray that the Divine Spirit
becomes the shaping force in our political consciousness and in the
consciousness of all.

P.S. on Hamas' Electoral Victory
There are three good reasons to bewail the victory:
1. If it leads to greater violence
2. If it leads to an Iranian-style repressive regime for women and for
culture and politics. This is not inevitable--Islamic states like
show a very different and more liberal possibiity within the framework
of Islam. It is not yet clear which tendency will predominate in
3. If it leads to Hamas becoming more closely aligned with Iran and
becoming a vehicle for Iranian visions of politics and culture, certain
to produce greater resistance within Israel to making an accommodation
with Palestinians. We are deeply troubled by the Holocaust-denying,
anti-Israel government of Iran, and we wish to see it isolated rather
than duplicated on the West Bank. Hamas rhetoric of the Iranian sort
would almost certainly lead to Israel being harsher toward the
Palestinian people, the opposite of what is needed to build peace.

None of these are inevitable. If the U.S. and Israel act on the
assumption that the Hamas political leadership might be flexible and
shift in relationship to their new power, that might provide a prod for
liberalization. As Palestinian Hanna Siniora, an independent
newspaper publisher told the Jerusalem Post after the election:

"Now that they are in power, Hamas will have to take responsibility for
the future. They will have to become more moderate. Now they are part
the democratic game and they will have to play by the democratic
Siniora said.

"Once they are in power, the Hamas will have to pay salaries, create
jobs and provide health and education services. They know that to do
of this, they need stability. In order to be in charge of the
government, they will have to become responsible leaders, if they want
to stay in power," he predicted.

Siniora said that Hamas has already begun this process of moderation.
"Hamas was responsible during the cease fire with Israel - in fact,
they were in better control of their people than Fatah was. And they
moderated their rhetoric, especially the positions that were anathema
to the United States and Israel, such as calling for the destruction of
the State of Israel."

"Hamas, which was elected fairly by the Palestinian people, has the
legitimate right to lead the Palestinian national council."

The international community and Israel, he continued, can help to
determine Hamas' future directions.

"There are two models of Islamic ruling parties - the radical Iranian
model and the moderate Turkish model. I want to send a message to the
United States, to Europe and to Israel: You have the means to shape
Hamas in a constructive way.
If you act correctly, then Hamas will move in the direction of
moderation. But if you push Hamas into the corner, they will act
irresponsibly and become violent."

In order to make themselves more acceptable to the international
community, Siniora predicted, Hamas will make use of prominent
independent political figures, such as Salam Fayad and, he hopes,
Siniora himself.

Siniora called on Israel to put a stop to unilateral disengagement and
to negotiate directly with the newly-elected Palestinian government. He
called on the European parties to help to normalize relations between
Hamas and Israel.

In order to achieve the stability it needs to rule, Siniora observed,
Hamas will have to confront the militant armed groups that currently
undermine stability in Palestinian society. He fears that some groups,
such as disgruntled groups allied with Fatah, who will now lose their
power, will most likely resort to violence against the Hamas-led

"Abu Mazen was afraid to disarm the Hamas and the other groups,"
observed with irony. "Now, Hamas will have to do the disarming. Hamas
will have to show that they can control the extremists. They will have
to use the big stick that Abu Mazen was afraid to use."

We at Tikkun are not so optimistic about Hamas--their legacy of
violence is deeply troublesome. But then again, we tend to be very critical of
anyone who relies on violence, including the Israeli government and the
United States government, and also the gangsters now running Iran,
China, the Soviet Union, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan
and the list goes on and on and on. It is without compromising our critique
of these governments that we simultaneously support steps for peaceful
accommodation rather than military escalations.

Rabbi Michael Lerner is editor of Tikkun Magazine: A Bimonthly Jewish
Critique of Politics, Culture and Society and author of The Left Hand
of God: Taking Back our Country from the Religious Right
(HarperSanFrancisco, Feb, 2006).

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Sick Far Right

never misses an opportunity to be hypocretins.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

hey, lets skip class and go up on the roof.

Follow me. I know the way to the top. sshhh. don't tell anyone.

Front door.


Well I can't say that it was the acts of the enemies of Freedom that caused me so much trouble on my blog. It may have just been a glitch. Pols USA advice stopped the interferance.
Thanks Buddy!

What we do know is that the Bush Regime is more concerned with squashing dissent and destroyng the Constituion once and for all than in catching Osama and Friends. We also know that the Pentagon has inserted cookies into sites like Americablog. After they had reported it some months back ago I checked my own machine and sure enough there was a DOD cookie. I deleted it(or maybe it just appears like it).

One new commentor said that Bushsaid he wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera. I think the Puppet was talking out of hand.

I maintain that AL-Jazeera is a Globalist Propaganda site. The main objectiion that the USA Military had concerning Al-Jazeera was the pictures of dead Americans shown on TV. Most of the supposed objections from the American side are concerning Al-Jazeera TV and not .net. Since I can't watch it much less interpet it I cannot say that there is an Anti-American slant or what is shown is contrary to American "interests". I can say that .net is hardly critical. While they have posted stories on atrocities commited by Americans, they have always been in concert with other MSM sources in doing so. I think .net does just enough online to appear to project an independent view.

I want to thank everyone who stuck by and put their reports on what they saw and for each opinion. Thanks Friends!

The greatest weopon that the Bush Regime has is fear. The greatest we can swing in knowledge. We can only swing it effectively by sticking together. That is why I feel an affinity to the oppressed peoples of the World. As each day sees the poisoning of America my affinity grows. That is why I was writing the post below in a personally happier time for me.


Life is really good ya know? I have a wonderful friend in Roundearther who came through and loaned me this here machine so I can have my tentacles on the web. I have a lovely Wife and a perfect little boy. My Mom is doing good. I'm extremely well fed. As a matter of fact my daily caloric intake is probably 3 or 4 times the amount most people get. We are pretty well covered insurance wise through my wife's work. We have enough clothes. Fact is comparably to most other Humans we are living like Gods.

Any fears for tommorrow? Well yeah sure. The expected ones every Human has to bear. For most of our fellow Humans daily physical insecurity is the norm. Malnourishment, brutal working conditions, absolutely no access to competent Health Care, an Absence of upward mobility, poor education, no suffrage, no Hope and no Say is what millions and millions are confronted with every morning.

The above perfectly describes the conditions of slaverly. Like all slaves they have masters. Who are their masters? Sometimes it is a Brutal Dictator who often is a Vassal of a foreign Power, or a Domestic Corporate or Religous entity or a combination of these. If the country is in reality run by another power that is foreign the slaves are so by proxy. Then there is the outright Occupier. Out of the choices that of an occupation is most often the most brutal.

America we must admit has gotten the majority of it's wealth from being a brutal occupier. So proficient that within it's present borders genocide on a massive scale was performed. Hundreds of cultures and languages are lost forever.

Since we have had the ability to project our Military power we have not hesitated to subjugate and enslave other peoples. Sure we have done a lot of good. Where our Domestic power base(read White) has felt an affinity for the peoples. Old Europe for instance. Or when the tenacity of the opponent has garnered respect and coupled with a trustworthy authority like in Japan.

Distance plays a part. During the 1900's our slaves in the farms of Central America were whipped back into submission relatively easy. A few assassinations here, a few villages wiped out there and big rewards for the overseers brought about a relative stability to the plantations.

That was until the slaves became educated. They learned how to read, compute mathematics and learn about other places where others had all the things they had been missing. As President Jefferson said "Education will make you free" or something like that, or as Rev. Martin Luther King said, "Learn Baby Learn, Not Burn Baby Burn."

All over Latin America our slave farms have been lost. Sure Columbia still dances to Uncle Sam's flute, but how long do you think that will last? For the 1st time in Hundreds of years people of indigenous blood are taking control of the reins of Government. After having their wealth robbed for generations will they go back and kowtow to their former masters? Would you?

Yes you and I know the facts. To some facts just don't matter. To them it is still Manifest Destiny that America dominate the World and is the Supreme slaveholder. For these usefools aggressive War, assassinating President(the elected kind) Chavez, taking the Southern Iranian Oil Fields and reinstalling a Peacock on the throne, Economic Blackmail and other acts of Inhumanity are justified. Any ramifications are greeted with a so what attitude.

It is this attitude and the coming acts that the Usefools will support that will cost America not only the Plantations but any type of way to project Power or Influence. Arrogance has many costs.

There is a Coaltion building. Against America. The people of the Temperate Latitudes have had enough of being slaves to foreign masters. Many have tasted Liberty and Democracy. Why would they want to return or continue to live under the Brutal Boot? Would you?

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Y'all. This is about my 100th attempt to post tonight. I was wondering what was up.
Well as many of you know I have taken part in many Anti War demonstrations, wrote critical letters to government officials concerning the Bush Regime, and have openly urged many Mil Bloggers and other Mil Members to Mutiny in a non-vio;ent way. Including the PR Officer at the Pentagon. I have written foreign Embassies asking them to shun the Bush Regime, Cut off diplomatic ties and seize American assets.

I refuse to be like a German citizen living in 1933. I will not relent.

Recently I called Al Jazeera numerous times and sent them e-mail. This was in an attempt to get them to publish former(UK) Ambassador to Uzbekastan Craig Murray's memo's detailing torture and rendition at the behest of the UK and American Governments. Another story ignored by the MSM. Funny that Al Jazeera would not run the story. Since they are supposed to be the enemy of the U.S. I even e-mailed the links and the memos to them. Numerous times. You all have read about the wiretapping. I called Al Jazeera just before the story broke. Not that it would of mattered. I will not relent.

Well friends, when I click on to go to my page(from google search page) I read in my loading URL at the bottom - "" and then "www."(The Pentagon's site). It is only after that that my page Carbon Paper comes up. Maybe. About half the time a blank page comes up. Doesn't happen to other pages.

Other things like icons on my control page dissapear and reappear. I can not cut and paste to bloggers "create new post".

Did you see aljazeera and or defenselink when you came today? Try again and let me know. Don't reload. Go away and come back and watch carefully.

I think this is another step on the War against Freedom. Did ya notice that from the Washington Post to Lou Dobbs that "Bloggers" are now the new dirty word? Check or crooks and liars recent posts about it. They have also reported cookies from the Pentagon placed on them before. (I can't post links now either)

Just think. A simple guy like me requiring this? Do you really think they are not capable of more evil deeds? These sickos will stop at nothing in there attempt to smash the Constitution and End Liberty for All. The Power and Profit they are addicted to is worse than Heroin my friends. They make War on us because the Hate our Freedoms. They get in the way of another fix.

I will continue to resist in non-violent ways. I will continue to do so. I will not go with a wimper.
I will not relent.

To any and all Goverment officials and Mil. Members: If you have any Humanity left in your soul, join us the Lovers of Freedom and Democracy and help us overthrow the Bush Regime.

If you are in an active Combat area, fulfill your daily mission Reqs. Every day tell your immediate CO that you want American troops pulled out of Iraq.

If you are in a non-combat area stay in your barracks or stage a sit in at your Congresspersons office. Join up with Military Families Speak Out at and do it with them.
These murdering fascists must be stopped.

Live up to your oath and defend America against its domestic enemies. The Bush Regime. We don't need to kill. Just resist.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


On the link I deleted (see post below) I had left a message. To see the response I checked and what caught my eye was a post by the blogger. It claims to make some really serious quotes. As one who likes to confirm before throwing my 2 cents in I tried to do just that.
1st the claim - "The following exchange is between John Yoo, author of the infamous legal memo justifying Presidential powers to torture US captives around the world and Doug Cassel, long time human rights legal scholar and professor at Notre Dame. It took place in Chicago on December and proves, once again, that the US, with the assistance of people like Yoo, is a rogue state:

"If the president deems that he's got to torture somebody, including by crushing the testicles of the person's child, there is no law that can stop him?"

Yoo: "No treaty"

Cassel: "Also no law by Congress - that is what you wrote in the August 2002 memo..."

Yoo: "I think it depends on why the President thinks he needs to do that."

For more information read here"(here being a link).

So I clicked and that lead to Information Clearing House page. The report here seemed sketchy because of a lack of date for this debate .
I then clicked the source ICH sited and found that it lead to some real REDS.
They provided a link to their article that stated "John Yoo, author of the infamous legal memo justifying Presidential powers to torture US captives around the world, couldn't escape torture victims (World Can't Wait activists) when he appeared in Chicago on Dec. 1. in a debate with Doug Cassel, long time human rights legal scholar and professor at Notre Dame." It also on the same page claims to have been recorded by a one "Philip Watts".

Hmmm. Ok. Something to check on. Place and Date. Sooo I did a search on Doug Cassel which lead me to an audio page of The Columbia Obsevatory which claims to be "A Resource Center of Chicagoans for a Peaceful Colombia". Allrighty then.

An audio of Doug Cassell is given for a July 13th 2005 presentation. They describe Doug Cassel as a "Director of Northwestern University's Center for International Human Rights."
Well he might of moved on to Notre Dame since then. However Notre Dame is in Indiana and Northwestern is in Illinois and the debate was supposedly in Chicago. Could be.

The audio source they give is Worldview. Their own description is "Chicago Public Radio's global affairs program features in-depth conversations about international issues and their local impact. From Nobel Peace Prize winners to Nicaraguan sweatshop workers, Worldview highlights a range of voices that go beyond the headlines."

I checked their descriptions and audio for individual segments which led me to their calendar and I could not find a Dec. 1st 2005 segment with Doug Cassell. There is 3 segments for that date Global Activism: U.S. Women Host House Parties for Iraqi Women, Fighting TB and HIV in China and Rwandan Women Mark World AIDS Day.

They also have a list of Doug Cassel commentaries. On that page they describe Doug Cassell as a
director of the Center for Civil and Human Rights at the University of Notre Dame Law School. Maybe 2 hats? Or Change of Jobs? What they do not have is any commentary on a debate with John Yoo By Doug Cassel for any date.

Maybe it is on another program on Chicago Public Radio. Well there was a segment on "Eight Forty Eight" dated Dec.1st 2005 entitled "The Injustice of Torture by Al Gini Resident Philosopher".
But no Cassell vs. Yoo.

So I mated the names and did a search and there was a debate between the two. At the Chicago Council on Foriegn Relations. On Dec1st 2005. All other searches either had no referances or they all led back to the Reds. I could not find any corrobarating source. I did find a corrobarating source that Doug Cassel is at Notre Dame and used to be at Northwestern.

How about someone who also claims to have been there? Well I found a woman who does.
She does not mention any testicle comments. However look at the bottom two comments on the thread on her blog.

Do I believe the quotes in question are correct? I don't know. I tend to think not. All claims lead back round to the Reds. I will call The Chicago Office of The CFR and see if they have a transcript.
I will not however post something like a quote from someone okaying crushing a childs testicles unless I can confirm it. Maybe I am wrong, but that's just me. I do feel comfirmed on deleting the "Friendy" link.

Well it has been a tiring trail. It is almost 1am and I got to get Lil Joe to his 1st day of day care.
At 8am. I know it will be a big and trying change. But I think I'll be able to handle it. I'll try my bestest to hold the tears back till I get back in the car.


Yes a link removed. Can you guess which one?
It was nothing personal. I just don't want Carbon Paper to be known as a "Friendly" to a site where 99% of the comments are just plain garbage. The posts while good did not generate Adult conversation. This is the fault of a lack of moderation from the blogger. It is shared by others who fail after a loooonnnngggg time to ignore the garbage. While after admitting the problem (many times) and asking for suggestions he refuses to do anything about it. I also think that one "contributor" is unstable and I don't want anything to do with anything turning ugly.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Case Type: Endangered Missing Sex: Male
DOB: Aug 20, 1990 Race: White
Missing Date: Feb 15, 2004 Height: 5'0" (152 cm)
Age Now: 15 Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Missing City: CASPER Hair Color: Blonde
Missing State : WY Eye Color: Green
Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC982182

A few links ago I highlighted my friendly links. From time to time I will be doing the same for my favorite Org. links. Today it is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The Center not only puts out the word on individual cases, they also have other tools and projects
that one may take advantage of. To see what child is missing in your area please visit the NCMEC.

If you are or know of someone who is a retired Law Enforcement Officer, Project ALERT may be of interest.

I will also from time to time post "Todays Missing Child" culled from NCMEC files, along with either local or National News coverage of the Child. I could not find one on Justin. I will be picking States in Alphabetical order. As usual in my manner of going against the flow it will be in reverse order.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I needed to hear this today

Maybe you do too or know of another, please share.

The Quiet Death of Freedom


By John Pilger
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Thursday 05 January 2006

On Christmas Eve, I dropped in on Brian Haw, whose hunched, pacing figure was just visible through the freezing fog. For four and a half years, Brian has camped in Parliament Square with a graphic display of photographs that show the terror and suffering imposed on Iraqi children by British policies.The effectiveness of his action was demonstrated last April when the Blair government banned any expression of opposition within a kilometre of Parliament. The High Court subsequently ruled that, because his presence preceded the ban, Brian was an exception.

Day after day, night after night, season upon season, he remains a beacon, illuminating the great crime of Iraq and the cowardice of the House of Commons. As we talked, two women brought him a Christmas meal and mulled wine. They thanked him, shook his hand and hurried on. He had never seen them before. "That's typical of the public," he said. A man in a pin-striped suit and tie emerged from the fog, carrying a small wreath. "I intend to place this at the Cenotaph and read out the names of the dead in Iraq," he said to Brian, who cautioned him: "You'll spend the night in cells, mate." We watched him stride off and lay his wreath. His head bowed, he appeared to be whispering. Thirty years ago, I watched dissidents do something similar outside the walls of the Kremlin.

As night had covered him, he was lucky. On 7 December, Maya Evans, a vegan chef aged 25, was convicted of breaching the new Serious Organised Crime and Police Act by reading aloud at the Cenotaph the names of 97 British soldiers killed in Iraq. So serious was her crime that it required 14 policemen in two vans to arrest her. She was fined and given a criminal record for the rest of her life.

Freedom is dying.

Eighty-year-old John Catt served with the RAF in the Second World War. Last September, he was stopped by police in Brighton for wearing an "offensive" T-shirt, which suggested that Bush and Blair be tried for war crimes. He was arrested under the Terrorism Act and handcuffed, with his arms held behind his back. The official record of the arrest says the "purpose" of searching him was "terrorism" and the "grounds for intervention" were "carrying placard and T-shirt with anti-Blair info" [sic].

He is awaiting trial.

Such cases compare with others that remain secret and beyond any form of justice: those of the foreign nationals held at Belmarsh prison, who have never been charged, let alone put on trial. They are held "on suspicion." Some of the "evidence" against them, whatever it is, the Blair government has now admitted, could have been extracted under torture at Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib. They are political prisoners in all but name. They face the prospect of being spirited out of the country into the arms of a regime which may torture them to death. Their isolated families, including children, are quietly going mad.

And for what? From 11 September 2001 to 30 September 2005, a total of 895 people were arrested in Britain under the Terrorism Act. Only 23 have been convicted of offences covered by the Act. As for real terrorists, the identity of two of the 7 July bombers, including the suspected mastermind, was known to MI5 and nothing was done. And Blair wants to give them more power. Having helped to devastate Iraq, he is now killing freedom in his own country.

Consider parallel events in the United States. Last October, an American surgeon, loved by his patients, was punished with 22 years in prison for founding a charity, Help the Needy, which helped children in Iraq stricken by an economic and humanitarian blockade imposed by America and Britain. In raising money for infants dying from diarrhoea, Dr. Rafil Dhafir broke a siege which, according to Unicef, had caused the deaths of half a million under the age of five. The then-Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft, called Dr. Dhafir, a Muslim, a "terrorist," a description mocked by even the judge in his politically-motivated travesty of a trial.

The Dhafir case is not extraordinary. In the same month, three US Circuit Court judges ruled in favour of the Bush regime's "right" to imprison an American citizen "indefinitely" without charging him with a crime. This was the case of Joseph Padilla, a petty criminal who allegedly visited Pakistan before he was arrested at Chicago airport three and a half years ago. He was never charged, and no evidence has ever been presented against him. Now mired in legal complexity, the case puts George W. Bush above the law and outlaws the Bill of Rights. Indeed, on 14 November, the US Senate effectively voted to ban habeas corpus by passing an amendment that overturned a Supreme Court ruling allowing Guantánamo prisoners access to a federal court. Thus, the touchstone of America's most celebrated freedom was scrapped. Without habeas corpus, a government can simply lock away its opponents and implement a dictatorship.

A related, insidious tyranny is being imposed across the world. For all his troubles in Iraq, Bush has carried out the recommendations of a Messianic conspiracy theory called the "Project for a New American Century." Written by his ideological sponsors shortly before he came to power, it foresaw his administration as a military dictatorship behind a democratic façade: "the cavalry on a new American frontier," guided by a blend of paranoia and megalomania. More than 700 American bases are now placed strategically in compliant countries, notably at the gateways to the sources of fossil fuels and encircling the Middle East and Central Asia. "Pre-emptive" aggression is policy, including the use of nuclear weapons. The chemical warfare industry has been reinvigorated. Missile treaties have been torn up. Space has been militarised. Global warming has been embraced. The powers of the president have never been greater. The judicial system has been subverted, along with civil liberties. The former senior CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who once prepared the White House daily briefing, told me that the authors of the PNAC and those now occupying positions of executive power used to be known in Washington as "the crazies." He said, "We should now be very worried about fascism."

In his epic acceptance of the Nobel Prize in Literature on 7 December, Harold Pinter spoke of "a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed." He asked why "the systematic brutality, the widespread atrocities, the ruthless suppression of independent thought" of Stalinist Russia was well known in the west while American state crimes were merely "superficially recorded, let alone documented, let alone acknowledged."

A silence has reigned. Across the world, the extinction and suffering of countless human beings can be attributed to rampant American power, "but you wouldn't know it," said Pinter. "It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn't happening. It didn't matter. It was of no interest."

To its credit, the Guardian in London published every word of Pinter's warning. To its shame, though unsurprising, the state television broadcaster ignored it. All that Newsnight flatulence about the arts, all that recycled preening for the cameras at Booker prize-giving events, yet the BBC could not make room for Britain's greatest living dramatist, so honoured, to tell the truth.

For the BBC, it simply never happened, just as the killing of half a million children by America's medieval siege of Iraq during the 1990s never happened, just as the Dhafir and Padilla trials and the Senate vote, banning freedom, never happened. The political prisoners of Belmarsh barely exist; and a big, brave posse of Metropolitan police never swept away Maya Evans as she publicly grieved for British soldiers killed in the cause of nothing except rotten power.

Bereft of irony, but with a snigger, the BBC newsreader Fiona Bruce introduced, as news, a Christmas propaganda film about Bush's dogs. That happened. Now imagine Bruce reading the following: "Here is delayed news, just in. From 1945 to 2005, the United States attempted to overthrow 50 governments, many of them democracies, and to crush 30 popular movements fighting tyrannical regimes. In the process, 25 countries were bombed, causing the loss of several million lives and the despair of millions more." (Thanks to William Blum's Rogue State, Common Courage Press, 2005).

The icon of horror of Saddam Hussein's rule is a 1988 film of petrified bodies in the Kurdish town of Halabja, killed in a chemical weapons attack. The attack has been referred to a great deal by Bush and Blair and the film shown a great deal by the BBC. At the time, as I know from personal experience, the Foreign Office tried to cover up the crime at Halabja. The Americans tried to blame it on Iran. Today, in an age of images, there are no images of the chemical weapons attack on Fallujah in November 2004. This allowed the Americans to deny it until they were caught out recently by investigators using the internet. For the BBC, American atrocities simply do not happen.

In 1999, while filming in Washington and Iraq, I learned the true scale of bombing in what the Americans and British then called Iraq's "no fly zones." During the 18 months to 14 January 1999, US aircraft flew 24,000 combat missions over Iraq; almost every mission was bombing or strafing. "We're down to the last outhouse," a US official protested. "There are still some things left [to bomb], but not many." That was six years ago. In recent months, the air assault on Iraq has multiplied; the effect on the ground cannot be imagined. For the BBC it has not happened.

The black farce extends to those pseudo-humanitarians in the media and elsewhere who themselves have never seen the effects of cluster bombs and air-burst shells, yet continue to invoke the crimes of Saddam to justify the the nightmare in Iraq and to protect a quisling prime minister who has sold out his country and made the world more dangerous. Curiously, some of them insist on describing themselves as "liberals" and "left of centre," even "anti-fascists." They want some respectability, I suppose. This is understandable, given that the league table of carnage of Saddam Hussein was overtaken long ago by that of their hero in Downing Street, who will next support an attack on Iran.

This cannot change until we in the West look in the mirror and confront the true aims and narcissism of the power applied in our name, its extremes and terrorism. The traditional double-standard no longer works; there are now millions like Brian Haw, Maya Evans, John Catt and the man in the pin-striped suit, with his wreath. Looking in the mirror means understanding that a violent and undemocratic order is being imposed by those whose actions are little different from the actions of fascists. The difference used to be distance. Now they are bringing it home.

John Pilger's new book, Freedom Next Time, will be published in June by Bantam Press.
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one of my links under "friendlies" is posting again. He also has another blog that you may heard of, Today In Iraq. It is more popular than Dancewater is, but nobody ever accused me of hanging with the popular crowd. I just know I was adopted from Misfit Island.

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What a

Cruel and tragic trial for the Coal Miners families. The News of 12 Alive was false. Those poor, poor families.


this parasite, Bush Sucks. The good news? Both should be very aware of the Dragonfly .
In addition if anybody disagrees with me on a subject, watch out. I now can post clickable links.

Did you know that the Latin name of the Dragonfly is Odanata ? It means teeth.

One more just for my favorite Dragonfly.


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Oh my God! It has been looking so bleak for the Miners and Their Families

In the middle of trying to post something the News is THERE IS 12 ALIVE! 12 ALIVE! SOME FAMILY MEMBERS ARE SCREAMING IT, MSNBC REPORTS. I hope this is true.
One was found dead earlier. My heart goes out to his family.


Jack Abramoff pleas guilty in deal with federal prosecutors. Is the scandal just too big to wrap your eyes around it? Yeah, well me too. For the best job of putting it all together thinkprogress wins the "I'am sure Glad Someone Put This Together" Award (someday I will learn to properly tag so I can post clickable links. Hey I told ya I'am a Dreamer). Still here? What are you waiting for? Jeeessshh.

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Peace to all.
I first started blogging at a now defunct site called warblogging. I chose the nom de guerre "Human" because of the labellessness and because I like to approach people on a Human to Human level and to promote the idea of oneness of the whole of Humanity. It was quite fun and educational to contribute at warblogging. That is until an invasion of trolls and the disinterest and sabotage of the site by the operator(s) of the site.

It was then that I decided to start my own blog.
I did it for the same reasons that I started to begin with. In addition I wanted to share some personal aspects of my life. Especially the chance to show and brag about my son Joseph.

Over time at warblogging, other sites and in participation in politics I realized that a lot (way too many) so-called progressives are just as predudicial, hateful and disrespectful as any person from the far right that I have met. In particular towards those that hold themselves to be Christians or other people of Faith. This is very upsetting to me. Not only because I call myself a Christian but because it is hypocritical in the extreme.

In particular, at one site that I participated in the majority of people who pretend to be openminded progressives and friends to me have shown themselves to be no better than Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh. As I have said before and I say it again, we all take turns being hypocrites and like all of Us I have certainly have taken my turns. Way too many if I do say so myself. However I do not make it a lifelong commitment like the former friends at that particular site. I mention this to be upfront concerning my driving motives to my friends who visit here.

I do believe that many on the left have been exposed in the most part to what in my opinion are faux-Christians in the likes of "Bomb Them All" Falwell and "The Assasins Cheerleader" Robertson. So, I can certainly understand the view held by many that in being Christian one is a far right supporter. For the Main Stream Media hardly ever lets any other "Christian" message to be put forth. However I think many are showing their immaturity in not being tolerant of people of faith.

In an effort to combat this prevailing attitude of many on the Left I have decided to add some posts and other stuff from the "Religous Left".

I will not explain my own particular views on Christianty unless I feel compelled to do so, or wear it on my sleeve. I'am not a converter type. I do wear my Humanity on my sleeve, because, well that me, and I have not met another who denies their own Humanity. Even those that deny it to others.

I will say this though on my own view of God, I do not Pray for anything, even for others, save to be forgiven and That His Will Be Done. For I believe we have all the answers at our hearts and we have arms and fingers to manipulate our world well enough that we can answer most Prayers. Just like as individuals we cause most of our own problems (I don't mean deservedly so) so Humankind causes most of its problems. Simply put I believe we were put here to help and care for each other, and I know that we can do way better than we have been.

So, in that vein I present this from
Hostile Takeover: Theocracy in America by Michael Lerner

"The confirmation hearings and debates about Judge Samuel Alito facing the United States in January underscore the immense power of the Religious Right. Fearful that Bush’s nominee Harriet Miers was not sufficiently conservative, the Religious Right created a firestorm of protest that caused Miers to withdraw and forced the Bush Administration to produce a more ideologically appropriate nominee in the form of Alito, a jurist with extremist perspectives. Even if the Democrats succeed in developing the backbone to sustain a filibuster and block this particular nominee, the packing of the courts by reactionary legislators who share the agenda of the Religious Right has become the norm for the Bush White House and will continue for the next several years.

The growing power of the Religious Right requires more than the predictable array of “oy veys” and cries of despair. One reason that I’ve written my new book The Left Hand of God: Taking Our Country Back from the Religious Right (Harper San Francisco, February 7, 2006) and why the Tikkun Community is organizing a second gathering of the Network of Spiritual Progressives (at All Souls Church in Washington, D.C., May 17-20) is precisely because Americans need a coherent strategy to respond to the Right, not just analyses about how dangerous they are. This is a movement that is not just for people who believe in God or who are part of some religious community—it is equally inviting to those who are “spiritual but not religious” and who recognize that a progressive movement today needs a spiritual foundation if it is to take our country back from the Religious Right.

In his book God’s Politics, Jim Wallis did an outstanding and politically important job of showing how far from the teachings of Jesus the Religious Right has wandered. Bill Press’ provocative book How The Republicans Stole Christmas, and Mark Lewis Taylor’s Religion, Politics and the Christian Right have done a similarly impressive job of showing how dangerous the Religious Right has become for our civil liberties, our moral compass, and our democratic values. The Religious Right is a danger to American society and to those of us who are serious about God and religion and do not use either as a vehicle to promote militarist ideology.

Nothing could be more mistaken than the fantasies now growing in liberal circles that the Bush Administration is about to lose power, the Republican Party is in a process of dissolution, and the Religious Right will soon be isolated and relegated to the junk pile of failed movements. It is amazing to see how liberals and progressives, desperate about their own inability to come up with a strategy to counter conservatives, have now begun to clutch at straws to prove to themselves that the Right is about to disappear because of its own contradictions. "

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