Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Sorry didn't mean ta scare ya......Yes I did!

I wrote this last year, and I thought you might enjoy it.

China utalking to me? u talking to me? I don't see any other warmonger
Posted by Human on Jun 4, 2005 10:25am

So Rummy seems to say ala Deniro in Taxi Driver -
SINGAPORE Jun 4, 2005 — China's military buildup, particularly its positioning of hundreds of missiles facing Taiwan, is a threat to Asian security, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Saturday.
Rumsfeld rebuked China at a regional security conference here, saying it was pouring huge resources into its military and buying large amounts of sophisticated weapons despite facing no threat from any other country....

"Honey I think this driver is lost"
"Why you say that sweetie?"
"Aunt Tess said it would be a 15min. ride her place."
"Oh yeah, maybe we should say something?"
"I don't know, I wouldn't want to upset him, remember how he almost hit and then yelled at that old Chinese woman crossing the road?"
"Yeah that seemed pretty crazy."
"Oh my God! Look at the freaking meter."
"No way can we afford that." "Who has that kind of money?"
"Maybe we could put it on credit."
"What and pay for it with Juniors college fund? We are relying on him to pay for our retirement so we don't have to stay at That Halliburton Senior Complex."
"Yeah, maybe we should run for it?"
"I don't know, the neighborhood seems kinda rough."
"Let’s do it!"
With his hands remaining on the steering wheel, the drivers head turns a full 180 revealing a skull with a Cheshire grin.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"!!!!!!!! Jack and Jill scream.
The taxi quickly picked up speed. The last thing Jack and Jill see as the taxi hurtled forward was the looming Chin Chang Bang Fireworks factory.
2 days later at a White House Press Conference -
President Bush- Good morning ladies and Gentlemen.2 days ago we and our al lies were struck by the enemies of freedom. By the dilegent efforts of our hard working people at CCIA(Corporate Central Intell. Agency) we have incontravertbrae evidunce that the Terrorist Group Muerte por Facsistas was involved. This group has ties to the UnAmerikkkan Venicewayla Government of President Chavez. Questions?
Sir- How can we believe the intell. When there have been so many intell failures in the past.
Pres. Bush - 1st the good people at CCIA work hard. Its hard work whatever they do. 2nd The British have said so. We very much appreciate our Al-lies.
Sir - What info do the British have?
Pres. Bush - 1) Our Al-lies work hard. Very hard. We like what they do. We can not put our ass err assets at risk. Well I’m told to err arthorized to tell you that the info comes from Niger based intell. I can't name names because I have none. However the highly valuable source we call Yellow Cake. It’s a slam dunk. In the back- Hey Jeff glad to see you-here
Jeff - Glorious Leader what do you say to the people who are so blind as to doubt your veracity?
Pres.- Well Jeff, Although I did not play Veracity, but I did my part bringing school spirit and I did letter. It was hard work. I worked hard. Its not easy lifting them girls in the air. Also when cheering one time our team was on the field of battle and I almost got run over when our quarterback was knocked so hard out of bounds he crashed into me. I buy the grace of God escaped injury. I tried to help him up, but the girls beat me to it. I think he was pretty injured though. The trainers bagged him in ice and sent him home. Thanks for coming everybody.

A week later Airborne Troops from Ft. Braggort in the Federal District of Georgia sporting Chinese made Berets Dropped on the shores of Lake Maracaibo to secure the Oil terminals for the oppressed Venezuelan people.

When Aunt Tess woke up days after the blast she found herself along with others being unloaded on a conveyor belt into the #3 Soylent Green Medical Center.
And junior? Well that’s another Chapter.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Have you ever heard of Tom Chelston? I posted one of his songs back in January 4 days before I found my Mother dead. It affected me deeply the day I 1st listened to it and as you can imagine, shortly after, it was firmly ensconced in my Soul.

A Veteran of the United Sates Marine Corps and the United States Navy, Tom Chelston writes songs that are Meaningful, Healing and Empowering. Today, I'd like to share another one of his songs. As we reach the awful mark of 3,000 Dead Americans in the American-Iraq War (or did we as you were reading this?), the following song is as relevant as ever.


You can find the TomSongs Homepage here. His "about" and Bio pages are well worth reading.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Child Rape Photos

"NEW YORK - A federal judge ruled today(Oct 23rd) that graphic pictures of detainee abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison must be released over government claims that they could damage America's image. Last year a Republican senator conceded that they contained scenes of "rape and murder" and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said they included acts that were "blatantly sadistic."

What do you think the chances are that the photos will be released before the mid term "Elections"? If released at all, that is.

The current false propaganda that is being fed to the masses is that waterboarding is not really Torture. A story like this would knock that agenda all to hell. No wonder the MSM has not even told their catatonic viewers about the Judges decision.
The real facts of the Bush Regime's Torture Program are hidden to the American Public. Just like so many facts are. The only people being fooled is the Americans.
Iraqis know. The whole World knows. Why do they Hate us? That question is the exception to the Rule that there are no stupid questions.

For the rest of the article go here. (<--click)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

65 Heroes Step Forward

The rumour that 65 Active Military Members have signed a letter asking that U.S. Troops be withdrawn from Iraq is true. It has been reported at a few blogs, but I was wary as I could not find confirmation.

This evening on MSNBC's Countdown(yeah Keith Olberman!) a signatory to the letter that was sent to Congress was interviewed. As my fingers were covered in BBQ sauce at the time I did not write down the Brave Man's name down. His 1st name was Liam and his rank is Sgt.(Marines) Even though Sgt. Liam was a bit nervous, he told it like it is. He also said that once the decision to get out is made, the Troops could be withdrawn in 3 months.

Tommorow(Oct. 25th) there is an expected News Conference with 2 of the Signatories.

As can be expected, these 65 Brave Troops will pay a price for their Patriotism. At the very least, they will not advance. If any of them are Officers, they will not get a positive review and be forced to leave. If one does not advance as an Officer out you go. Olberman also said that this effort is being co-ordinated with Military Families Speak Out(you can also find them on my Org links on da sidebar). I could not find any reference to it there, so maybe it will be unveiled tommorrow along with the Press Conference.

I have posted about the Rising Dissent among the Military before. This is growing. As the Troops realize that the American People are starting to see some Truth through all the BS, I think we will see more and more dissent.

Others(I'll be addng them to my sidebar) like Lt. Watada(also on sidebar) are going a few more steps further and refusing Illegal Orders.

These are the Troops who are fighting for me and my Family. For everyting Good and Right. As the names of the 65 become known, they will need all the support they can get.

If you are in the Military or have a Family member who is, you too can join Military Families Speak Out. For others, it is a great site for info on just what Military Families go through and activities you can join in on.

On the America-Iraq War and so many other subjects I am frustrated. However, the personal frustration of Military Families just does not compare to mine.

From a post at MFSO -
Letter to the Editor, The Nation
October 19th, 2006

My son is in the 172nd Stryker Brigade (Army). It recently had its one-year deployment to Iraq extended while in the midst of deploying back to the United States. He is one of the 400 soldiers who had made it back to Fairbanks, Alaska. A few days later he was informed that he was going to be sent back to Iraq. His brigade has been sent to Baghdad to save the occupation.
Don’t be fooled by the military commanders’ talk of the willingness of these brave men and women. The vast majority of the 4,000 172nd Stryker troops and families are angry and devastated at the last-minute extension. These troops had completed their year in Mosul, passed on their Stryker vehicles and gear to replacement troops and shipped their personal gear home. Worse, their heads were back home, where they had plans for family reunions, weddings and to see children born while they were deployed. Now they are expected to re-gear and reset their minds for battle. They are soldiers. They will do their duty, their mission.
I am a proud member of Military Families Speak Out. We are not an antiwar group; we are an organization of more than 3,000 military families who oppose this war, this occupation, based on the lies told to start the war and the greed for oil and profits that sustain it. It is our loved ones who are dying. Our mission is to support the troops by bringing them home now and taking care of them when they get here. This is only the most recent logistical mismanagement of this war.
To read more of what the Stryker families have to say, go to www.bringhome172nd.org. If you are a military family in need of support, go to www.mfso.org. Laurie Loving, Military Families Speak Out, Capital Region"

And when they do come home, let's give a heck of a lot better welcome than we did so many fleeting years ago.


Sunday, October 22, 2006


Besides the whole Bush Regime in Prison for their crimes, just what do I want for my Birthday?

Travel is my dream life.

Today I land in Perth and head out to the outback.

Later, I think I'll fly over to my private Island.

And maybe end the day with a South Sea Sunset and a Mai Tai.

Ifin you want to go on your own trip, I'll share my secret portal. Now don't tell anyone. Lean close so no one else hears...whisspurrrr...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I am pleased to introduce you to my newest friendly Kara. You can find her at her Thinking Spot. Only visit if you want intelligent, humourus discussion on the world we all share.

If you would like to know more about Andre Segovia, I offer this Bio page. I was first introduced to the pleasure of hearing Segovia when I was 19 years old. I visited a friend who was taking Classical Spainish Guitar lessons from a student of Segovia's.
He had a reel to reel setup and played one of the few raw recordings of Segovia, as the Master was a performer and did suffer much recording.
Even with the cracking of the old recording, the moment I heard Segovia play, I said to myself, "Oh, thats what guitar sounds like". His play reminds me of those film cuts of Flowers Blossoming one right after another. BLOOM BLOOM BLOOM BLOOM.
It just goes to my ear, brain and straight to the center of my chest.

Sorry friends that I have not been on much, but I'm still working on the house lots and everybody is coming here for Thanksgiving. Cause, heck, we are the one with the baby. Okay okay he's 2 years old, but still the youngest cousin. Otherwise it's 5 hours of driving. And that screws up his routine, which(and you parents know the domino theory)in turns screws up his disposition. Which in turn screws up night night and which in turn screws up everybody's disposition the next morn. Well SCREW THAT. They gotta come here. Plus, why wouldn't they want to come? Lil Joe's just to cute to miss.

Okay, enough of that,I'm gonna listen to some Spainish feller play The Magic Flute on his geeetar again.

Ifin the Spainish feller ain't your kind of music, you will probably enjoy this Lil guy playing.


Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff, is quoted as saying the British should "get out some time soon". He just became #1 in August.

I wonder what immediate effect this will have on the 7,000 British Troops in Iraq and our own Troops? If an Army loses Morale, the War is lost. You know many other Brass want out.

With this news, it doesn't look like England ain't so Jolly on an attack on Iran.

Well I ain't got much time to be on, so goodnight friends.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I just woke up(1:45 AM), passed out on the couch. A real bad case of heartburn. No FREAKING ROLAIDS IN THE HOUSE! I had to drive to Sheetz. I don't like the idea of being out on the streets at this hour. Yeah, I'm old and used to think I owned the streets at this hour. Plus I don't like my wife and da kid to be alone.

Well at least my wife can go to work tommorow, without trepidation.

Or can she?
Here's the latest -
Updated at 11:35 p.m. on 10/11/2006
HAGERSTOWN, MD- There were tense moments in downtown after Hazmat teams were called to a nearby apartment building.

Miscommunication between some tenants and local law enforcement ultimately led to an emergency response that turned out to be a false alarm.

“We’ve determined that there's no public health threat. There's no public health emergency. There's follow-up that needs to be coordinated with the local health department and the state health department,” said Earl Stoner, Washington County Health Department.

Residents said a local police officer found a woman suffering from morning sickness inside an apartment building.

“The only thing I saw was when he came in. I saw the woman laying there and I heard her throwing up,” said Shelley Radcliff, resident in the apartment.

There was miscommunication between local law enforcement and the 16 residents in the building because of a language barrier. The residents were quarantined and then escorted into tents for evaluation.

Firefighters inspected the building while health officials inspected the residents, but nobody had any type of infectious illness.

“There's no infectious diseases of any kind. This was just blown out of proportion largely to the fact that there was a language barrier,” said Serhiy Dutchak, Virginia Council of Churches.

Serhiy said the pregnant woman is a refugee from Burundi. She is one of 12 African refugees living in the apartment supported by Dutchak's church group. He said he couldn't stop the rumors from flying.

“Some of the other residents in the building mentioned to the police department that, oh, everybody out here is sick, which really made it a big mess,” said Dutchak.

Nearby residents and workers were told to stay inside until officials could figure out the problem.

“We here at Mass Appeal were kind of alarmed at what was going on because it's our neighborhood and our community. We don't want people getting sick and contagious, spreading germs. We were just really concerned about that,” said Kah Jual, who works nearby.

None of the residents required medical attention. However, the woman who apparently caused the hazmat scare voluntarily admitted herself and her daughter into the hospital for further examinations.

Hospital staff said they were prepared for the worst.

“We were prepared for an emergency if it had occurred, but we didn't actually need to use it,” said Maureen Theriault, Washington County Hospital.

Reported by Amie McLain

More Than a Dozen People Quarantined in Downtown Hagerstown
Posted by sabraham on 2006/10/11 17:01:42 (1070 reads)

HAGERSTOWN, MD -- At this hour, 16 people are under quarantine as a result of a hazmat situation on Franklin Street.

Firefighters say 16 people are being held inside yellow tents outside of a three-story apartment building at 25 1/2 West Franklin Street. Of those 16 people, firefighters say four are from Somalia. They are reportedly suffering from flu-like symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Three police officers were also exposed to the flu-like symptoms and have been treated and released from the yellow tents.

It is still unclear what caused the people to become ill. To avoid any possible exposure, hazmat teams are advising the public to steer clear of the area completely. If you absolutely need to be there, firefighters are providing masks for your safety.

West Franklin Street is closed from Potomac Street to at least Jonathan Street in the downtown area. Traffic is being diverted. Police are asking motorists to avoid the area if possible to avoid major traffic delays.

Stay tuned to NBC25 News for updates to this breaking story.

Reported by Amie McLain

Human says - I think the rumor of 25 victims came from the address.
This address is just a few hundred feet from my wife's work.

My wife just returned home from work (7:15pm)in Hagerstown MD.
Today at approx. 4:30pm near her work downtown, a HAZMAT Emergency affecting around 25 people occured. Victims were said to be "foaming at the mouth".Victims were put into HAZMATS tents at site. Unkown cause. The building affected is adjacent to the Fie Dept. on Franklin Ave.

Will Update if I can. Been feeling sick.(no foaming at the mouth TG.
I got about 2 hours sleep last night. Totally forgot about my dentist appointment.
I got lucky and they'll take me tommorrow.
So I may have about an hour before I crash.


Sunday, October 08, 2006


Be sure to click on pic to enlarge and then click again to make even bigger.
If the pic page doesn't load , page back and try again.

I-81 Heading North from MD.(we made a trip down to Hagerstown MD. earlier in the Day)

The Pumpkin Patch

Joe's first Hayride!

Mommy and Joe bouncing along the Hay Ride.

We tried to get him to hug the pumpkin. Evidently, he's a pumpkin kisser.

Happy in the Pumpkin Patch

Pennsylvania Color

My Lil Trucker. Not the safest driver.

The Great Tunnel Adventure

Running Wild in the Hay Maze.

Lil Joe and Daddy on the Big Slide

Squealing our way down

Taking a Break

He just had to have his own cart for his wee pumpkin. Pulling or pushing, he's bound and determined.

Pooped out Pumpkin Patch Kid

My Favorite Lil Pumpkin

Thursday, October 05, 2006

World Can't Wait. Drive Out The Bush Regime.


Lil Joe and I, along with about 200 friends paid a visit to George and Laura's place today.

Pretty good turnout for midweek/short notice/school time demonstration.

They had some really great speakers. Hooked up with a few people who may visit me wee blog. I interviewed 2 people and hope to have them up on Youtube or some place to view soon.

I'm pretty tuckered out. The Lil guy was a champ. It was his 1st big train ride.
We parked at Twinbrook Metro on the Red Line to Metro Center. Then the Blue Line to Smithsonion. At every stop he feared we were going to get off. Each time the train stopped he'd yell AGAIN! AGAIN!
He was a charmer as usual and brought many a smile. A real good day. Be to sure to click the pics to enlarge and again for even bigger.

Death Loves Bush and Bush Loves Death

3 Secret Service types walk through the crowd.

Dick and Death. It's just business. Don't take it personal.

Lil Joe and Me! He's about to lose patience. He started squalling right after this.
He calmed down when we started rolling on home.

We put Rummy, Cheney, Condi and George in a chain gang. Condi and George couldn't keep their lips off each other.

See that White House in the back? That's where they plan Kidnappings, Murder, Rape and Torture and the next attack on America.

We decided to declare the White House a Crime Scene and put Yellow Crime Scene tape around it.

A couple of cops harrass an anarchist. They were trying to get him to remove his mask. He refused and after trying to intimidate him they let him go.
The guy in the left forefront is his buddy. And yes that's a joint he's holding. Ahhh youth, how I miss thee.

All colors, All Creeds and All Ages, All around the Nation we protested the Criminal Bush Regime.

That's the Devil holding that sign in the background. Can you see his Trident?

I thought I'd close with a shot of my favorite Lil Protester. This was taken about a year ago, before his 1st haircut. My Lil booger Boy.

One of the speakers at the demonstration, whose story and testimony touched me deeply was Jennifer Harbury. A Harvard Law Graduate she has written two books. Her first "Searching for Everardo" is the story of her search for her husband, a Guatemalan Rebel who was taken prisoner and tortured to death with the aid and abetment of the CIA. Her second book "Truth, Torture, and the American Way: The History and Consequences of U.S. Involvement in Torture" further pursues the bloody trail of your Government and it's Secret Wars of Subjugation.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviewed Ms. Harbury last October and you can listen to that interview or read the transcript here. Just click on "listen to segment".

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


PAY ATTENTION TO THE MEN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! <---click to play a short flash

Before they come and get you for exercising your Right to Free Speech.
<---click to read

Before they declare you an Enemy Combatant.

You just may want to speak out while you can. The good news is there are others who feel just as you do. Tommorrow you can join them. Reach out and Protest with Someone.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I am pleased to introduce two new Friendlies.
Pam has a funny and thoughtful blog over at MUSINGS OF A WORKING MOM. Be sure to check out her Penis Envy Post and Listen to Rep. Kucinich under the Traitor post.

Beltway B@stard has it going on too. He takes on the Sick Far Right and DINOs with the tenacity of a pitbull. He's got'em by the neck and just won't let go.

And that is my 1st enbedded player above. :) Me so happy. Two new Friendlies and I learned something new. :)

NOTE:Haloscan is on and off tonight. If it does not work, be sure to come back. Thanks.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Boy, The Grand Old Pervert Party

sure does seem like they are a bunch of Lying, Thieving, Sadistic, Murdering, Child Molesting sick bastards.

In an effort to start a criminal investigation against Speaker of the House Rep.Hastert, Majority Leader Rep. Boehner, House Page Board Chairman Rep. Shimkus and RNCC Chairman Rep. Reynolds I called the District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department. I was informed that the Justice Department has started an investigation and the Department is not investigating at this time.

How come I have a sneaky feeling that AG Gonzalez will not ask the correct questions and discover the evidence as it pertains to other Congressmen?

The Good thing is, they are worried. You will hear it in their call takers voice if you call.
Rep. Shimkus - (202) 225-5271 J(he gave his name but I don't want to get him in trouble) answered the phone.
Me - Hi, I'm calling about the Foley scandal?

J - Yes?

Me - Since the Congressman has admitted that he knew that Foley had inappropiate contact with a minor that was in is care, why did Congressman Shimkus then at a latter date, let a page go on a private dinner with Foley?

J - ahhem. Can you hold a second?

Me - Sure.

J - If I could just take your contact information?

Me- Sure. Does Congressman Shimkus know of any other child predators in the House?

J - Not to my knowledge. People are pretty upset about it here.

Me - I can imagine. Now I'm not attacking you or anything, but could you tell me if you know of any other child predators in the House?

J - No. I sure don't.

Me - I live in ---- and that's country and we're pretty Conservative here(we are but I'm not!) and people are pretty upset about this.

J - I bet. As a matter of fact I know where that is.

Me - It's beautiful out here.

J - Sure is. Gorgeous.

Me - You sound like a nice guy, and I'm surprised anybody is standing by these sick bastards.

J - (sounding defeated) yeah... If I could get your information?

Me - Sure. I give it and end with - Itsa beautiful day out, get out at lunch and get away from it all.

J - I plan to.

Me - Bye Bye J.

J - Bye Sir.

My personal feeling is J is thinking about a lot of things today.
I was polite and created a personal touch with the call taker.

The other calls? Well, they did not go as well. None of the call takers would give their name and all were down right huffy to pissed off.

The gem was Rep. Hastert's office.202-225-2976 All stonewall. After repested question's, she sighed and said, I'm just a young intern and all I can do is pass your comments on.

Me -(biting my tongue) Okay, Okay, but do you know of any child predators in the House?

YFI(Young Female Intern)(Apparently of Lower Value than a YMI) - I have to put you on hold Sir.

2 minutes later - A YMI comes on the line and I ask the same questions. Oh man did he get upset! Accussing me of me bordering on Harrassment. I said, "Don't I have the right to ask questions?" YNI-"Sure you have, I can put you on the commnent line.."
Me -"Okay, please do that, You sound like a upstanding guy, I'm surprised that you work for these bastards." YMI - "Here's the comment line Sir..."

Rep Reynolds (202) 225-5265 office was a hoot to.
Me - When did the Congressman know that Foley was a child predator?
(YFI) - Sir, there is an onging investigation and..
Me - Okay, okay I understand that. But, do you know if the Congressman knows of any other Child Predators in the House"
YFI- Now, Sir you are just being rude.
Me - No I'm not. I mean if he knew about one, there might be others right?
YFI - Sir, I can't
Me - Does he know if there are others who are preying on children?
YFI - That's an inappropriate question Sir.
Me - So asking about something inappropriate is inappropriate?
YFI - Now Sir
Me - Okay, Okay - Do you personally know of any other Child Predators?
YFI - Sir, you're being inappropriate.
Me - I think the Congressman covered for a child molester and I'm surprised anybody is standing by him or any the other sick bastards.
YFI - Sir, what is your name?
Me- (They always ask for "your contact information", I know I call a lot!)
I give it and leave her with, I hope you have an appropriately nice day".
YFI- You too Sir.

At Rep. Boehner's office (202) 225-6205 they had their s*** in one bucket. The YMI read from a response sheet. I asked if Foley's campaign money was going to be used by the Party?
I thought I could catch him doing a no no, but this guy was a pro - "Sir, we cannot comment on that from this office, if you would like to contact the RCC I could..."

Well, well, as I write this Rep. Hastert and Rep. Shimkus just gave a 1 minute "Press Conference". They quickly stalked out with none of the questions by the assembled media being answered.
On Fox they showed Hastert and Shimkus in a split screen with Foley. On the Foley screen he was in a crowd of people, seemingly on stairs with other Republicans smiling and waving as the others were doing. Seemingly, because the others in the screen were shaded out so as not to identify them. They later switched to the official Office Foley pic. Good ol Fox, shielding other Republicans as they are paid to do.

Rules to teach the Children - 1)Don't talk to strangers.
2)Stick together.
3)Stay away from the local Republican Party Office.