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It was one year ago today that the Prince of Darkness Dick Cheney said that the insurgency was in it's last throes.It has only grown uglier. The only ones still believing the Lies of The Bush Regime are the ignorant or the Christian Wrong. We can expect them to get uglier too. I have no doubt that the Bush Regime will cause more catrastrophe on America. We must keep the pressure on.
Though we know that they will try to shred our message, threaten us and our families, beat and arrest us (short film), we shall not falter. Our means shall justify our ends. For our children. Yes, even for their children. For our Earth. For that Sunrise a hundred years from now that we shall never see. Let us do Good and Right, before our Last Sunset.

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Staunch Republican, former United States Naval Senior Council says Bush Regime has laid itself open to War Crimes Charges. Real Player video here.

After we try the cabal here, let's send them to the Hague.



Thursday, May 18, 2006

"How Did He Do That"?

UPDATED - IN CAPS AND IN BOLD(Thanks to Handy Guy for setting me straight)
A question often asked at many a magic show. The art of illusion has made millions. It has also cost millions. Of lives.

The best example that is concreted in facts is OPERATION CANNED GOODS.
An excerpt from "A Man Called Intrepid"(1976 by William Stevenson)page 45, which is a quote from Sir William Stephenson(Intrepid)- "The Second World War began with wirelessed intelligence......It was made to appear that Polish troops attacked a German radio station early on the morning of September 1, 1939. German forces then fired on Polish-occupied points in the Free City of Danzig in 'self defense'....."

"The so-called Polish aggressors were inmates from German concentration camps, taken by Heydrich and dressed in Polish uniforms, then given fatal injections. A few survived to tell the story. They knew they were doomed when they were told to get into foreign uniforms-it's hard to dress a corpse. They were trucked to the frontier and injected with lethal Skophedal. Then they were spread out and riddled with bullets."

"The code named given these men was CANNED GOODS. That was Heydich's touch. Until he died, he boasted that he started the Second World War"

"The ruse worked. The New York Times reported that regular Polish Army troops took part in an attack on German Positions and that this was the signal for a general offensive by Polish forces."

I think one of the many reasons that Americans find it hard to believe that our own Government would even plan such things is that we see the Government as a reflection of us through the belief of Democracy. Allow me to dispel that Polly Anna belief.

First there is OPERATION NORTH WOODS. This was a plan made up by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that involved staged attacks on Americans so as to appear to be done by Cuba.
The fact that they would even think of such a thing is abhorrent enough. They then tried to get the plan action approved by President Kennedy. I think it is hard today to understand how much the "Red Scare" affected America. Though I have not seen it, maybe the film "Good Night and Good Luck" gives the viewer a feeling of the times. Then again one only has to see with open eyes, how today the Bush Regime uses fear to start a never ending War, bankrupt our Treasury and take away our Rights. People, being Human, can rationalize any justification for any action.

Second there is the revelation that Bush proposed to Prime Minister Blair that a U.S. Military plane be painted in UN colors and destroyed over Iraq, so as to give the impression that it was downed by the Iraqis. This attack would be used as a further excuse to attack Iraq. With the "Press" in full lapdog mode at the time, how soon would have the New York Times dutifully reported the Pentagon Press Release ‘Polish Armed Forces…...” errr I mean "SADDAM ATTACKS UNITED NATIONS" as reality?

Again, I wanted to post a encompassing article on 911. However I think maybe it was best to just start the conversation. My 1st objective was to try to show that the American Government was capable of such an action, in a sense that they would think of doing such a thing. I think I accomplished that with the above. One only has to see how fanatical the bunch in control is right now to come to the conclusion that in their minds any means justify their ends.
My second objective will focus on the lies.

Before I respond to the comments by others in the previous post, I will state my theory on what happened that day.

1) I've come to the conclusion that the person George W. Bush did not know of the attacks. He is just a puppet.
2) The attack was carried out by some of the people named as the hijackers, and they were aided and abetted by the people in control of the our Government with a big assist by Mossad, the Israeli Spy Agency.
3) The 3 buildings in New York fell because of controlled demolitions, not because of the effects of fire.
4) Flight 93 was flown into the ground by the hijackers.
5) The Anthrax attacks(remember them? "Our" Government does not, nor the media) were carried out by Mossad and sympathizers.
5)The attack on the Pentagon? I just don't know what to believe. I think the video that was released was doctored. It is a red herring, that many bit into. I almost did.
Yet after reflection I decided that the video is put out so as to discredit those who like I believe the Government was culpable. I think there will be more videos coming. There were 84 cameras on the Pentagon that day. So after the "Conspiracy Theorists" state that the "object is smaller than the aircraft" they will release a video depicting flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. Or a doctored video of such.
Like this one.
The 911 Truth Movement is picking up steam and the Bush Regime and the Corporate Media will do anything to discredit it. It’s not called PsyOps for nothing.

I posted the previous video so I could see what others had to say about it and 911 in general. I wanted to know if others would say what every MSM outlet did. I paraphrase, "This video of flight 77 hitting the Pentagon will disappoint many 911 conspiracy theorists". Then, of course the usual derision of such people who question Government accounts followed. CNN and MSNBC did not disappoint the Controllers. Now for my responses to the comments in the previous post.

The majority agree with the view first put by Jeremy that the Government was not competent enough to carry out such an attack. Although I can't be for certain I think most of the majority believe that the Bush Regime lied about the reasons for the Iraq War. It has been portrayed by "Senate Hearings" as a Intelligence mistake. I say that they lied about the reasons, created the environment for a growing insurgency and the coming official partition. They are indeed very competent.

Grover Norquist one of the Chief Republican strategists said he wanted to shrink the size of government so it would drown in a bathtub. With the record deficit they are well on the way to the last gurgle. By "Government" Grover meant things like, Medicare and Social Security, not the Spying and Killing departments.
They have made BILLIONS folks. Hardly incompetent. So I guess I agree with John Good in the respect that there are real brains behind Bush.

Still I am comforted that none of the comments had the naive thinking that, "well they are not that evil".

Ellie - Your theory is close to mine.(see #2 above)

Pete - I saw the Power of Nightmares and the focus of it was on the beliefs and rational of 2 blocks of religious extremists, that have close originating ties. I don't remember 911 being mentioned, though I may be mistaken. It was a while ago.
I think I have already posted at your place or maybe it was Antony's some links that report on the heavy Israeli spy activity not much before, during and after 911.
I will post them in a coming article. For now I wanted to start with the preposition that high ranking members of the Government has indeed thought of such acts before and that they are capable of rationalizing such acts.

I did read the link you provided. I do disagree with the authors assertion, "The central argument put forth in "The Power of Nightmares" is that al Qaeda as an organization does not really exist." While the use of fear was the main theme,I don't remember the film depicting Al Qeada not existing. I find it also interesting that he does not discuss any of the characters in the film. Or any of the historical incidents depicted.

I tried to find the links to the film so others may view it and judge for themselves.
Though I made a few copies on disc(it's a 3 part film 1 hour each) after viewing it months ago, I can only find the first "Baby It's Cold Outside" and third "The Shadows In The Cave" parts online. Maybe someone else has a link to the second part?




Hell Pig - Thanks for the apology. I believe just about everyone can be redeemed.
As long as there is not foul language and you keep up adult like comments I will not delete your comments. Oh, and welcome to reality.

Peace ya all!

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the fully comprehensive article on the Bush Regime's attack on America on the morning of Tuesday September 11th 2001 that I have wanted to do for a long time now?

No.It's always something. However I do want to call your attention to the 2 videos recently released through litigation by the efforts of Judicial watch.

Now I must admit that I'm not a Aeronautical Engineer. However I have seen many passenger aircraft up close. The cockpit seems to always be about 15' or more from the tarmac. If you can catch the frames(one each from the 2 videos) just as the Un-Identified Flying Object appears in the screen to the right you can discern the general shape of the front of the object and it's nearness to the ground. From that and taking the apparent size of the Pentagon, what size is the front of the object?

If you can play YouTube you can watch them here and scroll down for videos.

Since I brought this up I must introduce 2 sites. 911 Scholars For Truth is a group of Academics touring the country trying to get the info out to the people.
On their site you can see their scheduled appearances.

One of the Scholars Proff. Steven Jones BYU has a paper on the collapse of Building 7 (the one not hit by a plane) that has not been refuted by another Physicist.

To me, for one to believe the Bush Regime's version of what happened on that terrible day is the most far fetched theory I've heard. Unless the "Terrorists" had the power
to suspends Newton's Laws. Professor Jones explains. Transcript and video availible.


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This started out

as a response to comments made by Roundeather and John Good. Then things got out of hand. Hence Da Post -

We need a National cleansing of this bunch of crooks. We can reclaim our Democracy and it will be stronger for it. They are entrenched. The only way is to put them behind bars.

To make myself clear, the investigations and trials should include a few Dems.
We need leadership changed in both parties. All the more reason not to let the Dems take our vote for granted.

I think the there is one who as President might make the move to bring many to Justice and have the knowledge of Presidential office up close. He can get a faithful team running quick. He would also know more than many how to separate the wheat from the chaff in the Intell/MIl/Justice Depts.

I think President Gore has the guts to do it. (note – I am using proper address. We had an old dictionary in the family. In addition to our Constitution, there was instruction on proper writing and address to people. From Mr., Mrs.and Miss to Mr. President. The VP is properly addressed as Mister President. Okay that’s my Miss Manners imitation.)

If he does run -
A good move for President Gore, would be to announce as an Independent.

There are a few incentives to do this.
Money - Internet anyone?

Name recognition - Got it - Save $$$

Distancing oneself from the Dem Leadership/DLC.

Take advantage of poor Party morale.
Approval is low for both parties.

Populace has a general feeling of need for change, yet as a known quantity Mr. Gore is not "scary".

Give some Repubs a way to vote sgainst their party without voting Dem. According to the latest Gallup, 1/3 of Republicans want the Congress to change over to Dem control. The general maxim is that Repubs are more likely to stay at home when dissatisfied with their candidate than vote Dem.(Meaning of course Dems are more likely to vote across Party lines like with President Reagan. Or my write in for Sen. McCain in 2000, ya see, we are not that fanatical ;)
(sorry, got excited)

A proven campaigner.

A winner. Even if one denies reality and thinks Bush won fair, Vice President Gore won the popular vote.

Most(95% anyone?) who voted for President Gore are guaranteed to show up and right the wrong.

Give the Dem/Lib Anti-Hillary vote reason to show up.

Will he roll over(again?) if the election is stolen again? I don't think so.

Because of the propensity of the Repubs to steal elections, an overwhelming vote is needed. That makes the pick for running mate all the more important. I got a few ideas. Do you?

President Gore on SNL

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They're falling apart.
BTW - Last week, we learned that there is a good possibilty that Duke Cunningham, other Congress members and the #3 in the CIA attended poker and hooker parties sponsored by lobbyist. This week we learn that Duke Cunningham has stopped talking to the Government in defiance of his guilty plea agreement. What would make a man do that who is elderly, sentenced to 10 years, whose only real hope of not dying in jail is to keep on cooperating? Just what changed that man's mind?

Just how crooked are these criminals?


Column for the Bush Regime.

In other circumstances I would tend to say, that because he said this mid day, that it would not have as great effect as say 6 or 7 pm. However, as a stay at home Daddy, I can attest that most daytime MSM programing is a more soft sell by the War Pigs. There is a lot more "touching" stories on Iraq and more fluffing up of news in general. I think this is where a lot of the remaining support for the Bush Regime is. The people who work away from the house have been hearing the bad news on their drive home from work or watching the net or tv.

In addition to a weekend financial show Cafferty is also on 4, 5 and 7 pm.

We need to work on the remaining support. Any ideas are welcome. It ain't over till the War Pigs squeal behind bars.

Impeach Bush

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Things ComeFull Circle

For me, it seems they come quick.
Yesterday, in my effort to carry out my marching orders, I arrived at Eckerds Drug Store a bit late in the day than I wanted to. With a large list from higher command I parked in one of the spots reserved for Seniors. Not handicapped. Just Seniors. I said to my self "this food gathering expedition won't take long and there are 3 more spaces available. Besides I always return the cart to the inside of the store. Ya know I'm a good boy. And I can't get a ticket by the police (it's a ahem courtesy thing) and I do have a baby seat in the car so...

The gathering took a bit longer then I thought. I live in a small town and stopping to chat with just about everybody is expected and I do find it usually informative and interesting.

While going to check out, I hear my name called. It's a common name and I expected someone to be calling another. They weren't. It was my cousin who was accompanied by my dear Aunt. I had seen them last at my Mother's funeral in January. My Aunt looked a lot worse off than she did when I had last seen her. They had come to pick up her prescription for eczema that covered about 80% of her body. Including her feet, which were swollen. She was walking. Barely. I also learned she has shingles on top of it.

My cousin being the sweet person she is, had sent a donation in my Mother's name to a local Pregnancy Center. The agency sent me a thank you note. It was returned to them because of a wrong (just barely) address. She said it was in the van. I said I'll go out with them to get it. So we went outside to her the van. We started walking out into the parking lot. Well my Aunt hobbled not walked. Past my car. I said oh no, "did you have to park way over here?" Feeling very guilty, I admitted my car was in a Senior spot. My cousin said Oh no, and turning red said I forgot where the van was. Which was in a Senior spot. Right near the door. I felt better about that. I just consider it a warning. I do usually have my wee one with me and parked there before with him. I won't press my luck though. Next time it would probably be a whole herd of enfeebled Seniors whose space I steal.

And so it goes......Over at Spooky Pete's "Spying Bad Things"(one of my dear friendlies) a Bushusefool named Kira offered the advice to (paraphrasing)"Human you need to stop watching Michael Moore movies". As I deemed from previous attempt at discussion with her, she is one to ignore. But, with the news that the latest Gallup had 1/3 of Republican's wanting control of Congress to change to the Dems come November, I could not resist a glancing shot. I told Pete and added "those damn Michael Moore watching Republicans".

Felt good. Anywho, so just a little while ago I'm at another prized friendly, "Left In Aboite" and I notice that John Good has Michael Moore's site linked. Uh huh.
Thanks to Kira's fat mouth and John's good example, you will find my new Friendly, Michael Moore with my other precious friendlies.

In addition, as many of you know, some people game blogger with the aim of being #1 on search engines, with google being the prize. I learned this after I started blogging. They do it by trying to get linked, linking others and commenting wholesale. What interests me about blogging is the wonder of the technology that makes it possible for me to communicate with people all over the world en masse, the chance to put my ideas out there in an effort to make a better world and certainly not least to learn from others. To me, the chance to do this is enough prize in itself.

In an effort to ID and track the vile ones who abuse the opportunity to reach out and touch another I put site meter on my site. I can trace where people come from. So if one puts a search with the words "carbon paper" on a search engine, I can trace it to the search engine and see the words that person typed in the search box. I'm old enough where stuff like that still this blows my mind. Not much in trolls these days, but seeing what brings people here is interesting. Well, while tracing some visits I found out a few days ago I was #1 on MSN and Yahoo under the search words "Carbon Paper". And when someone puts the name of one of the fallen service members on Google that I listed in my "Remember" post, my site is usually in the teens and sometimes in the top ten.

I'm proud that I made the top tier honestly. Besides a natural puffed up ego, the big plus is that by being up there, someone who may have a bit of an open ear maybe might see and be convinced of the magnitude of the danger the Bush Regime poses to the World. A for instance was a most interesting find. Someone at the West Point Military Academy Library did a search on "West Point Paper". That brought the person to my "The Rising Dissent Among The Military". Which is about a group of West Point Cadets opposed to the American-Iraq War. The person sitting in the West Point Library stayed for over 4 minutes. One mind at a time folks.

I can't say I did it all by myself. I take this time to thank all my Friendlies and others who visit and have linked me. I thank Mike over at Crooks & Liars for putting my Remember post in his blog roundup. I would also be remiss (And you know I don't like to be) if I did not take time to thank a special being who has touched all of us in one way or another. I thank The Pig. He got quite upset about my "Remember" post and demands it be removed. Without all his muck throwing and grunting that probable West Point Cadet may not have read my post.

Like I said, Things Come Full Circle. Even for Pigs.


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my Lord and Savior through their Bloody Battlefield. This is for those who Believe Bush is a godly man. This is for those who believe War is Glorious. This is for those rooting for War with Iran.

This is for those who issue death threats while hiding behind anonymous names. This flash was made by a 15 year old Alabama girl named Ava Lowery. Since it's release she has received numerous death threats and other spew. As I have learned, the Truth when shoved in front the faces of Bush's minions can garner such behavior. Hopefully, just maybe after calming down from such anger, they will reflect on their own Humanity.
I stand in Solidarity with this precious and gifted child.

This is her video - What Would Jesus Do? (WARNING VIOLENCE)

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want; He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil; for Thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies; Thou anointest my head with oil, my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of The Lord for ever."

More of Ava's videos.