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Make no mistake; Man's Inhumanity to Man knows no bounds. There are many documented atrocities. Europeons against Indigenous People around the World, Russians against Ukrainians, Germans against Jews and Tutu against Hutu are just a sampling what we have done to each other.

Many of you know at least some of the above mentioned atrocities because you have been taught about them. I think if we were not, our present actions and Ideals would be very much different. Some people and groups try to deny such atrocities happened. The most widely known massacre has come to be known as the Holocaust. Today many try to deny that it ever happened and work to convince others of the same. The only reason their argument does not hold water is because the perpetrators of the Holocaust were publicly tried and their actions accounted for(yes I know a lot "got away" w/American help). The convictions that Prosecutors like Mr. Ferencz(see previous post) achieved would have never happened if the Germans were not such prolific record keepers. Most who have studied the trials know that in the main German Docs were the most damaging evidence to the defense.

Who can argue against the fact that Germany today is quite aware of it's past and that Sunshine proved to be a very good disinfectant?

We learn and presto Never Again! is the rally cry. Oh yeah? Is that cry just for Jews? Or is it for you and I too? For Congolese(millions slaughtered in the last decade)? For Cambodians? For Palestinians?

Today America is embroiled in the Middle East like never before. If we are to really understand the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis we need to understand how the present situation came to be. The following video is an effort to do just that.

Remember, We are not All Guilty, but we are, All Responsible.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Benjamin Ferencz, Immigrant, U.S. Army Veteran and Nuremberg Prosecutor

Says Bush and Saddam should be tried for War Crimes.<---click for article.

Mr. Ferencz got 22 convictions of Nazis. He knows a War Criminal when he sees one. A short bio of Mr. Freenccz is to be found at his site.<---click
We are not doomed to repeat History. We just need to listen to the Old Ones.


Sunday, August 27, 2006


"For all the contempt that the NeoCons shower upon "Old Europe," they sure seem to find it a good place to invest and even live. Vice-President Cheney likes to tout how great the American economy is, but he and his wife Lynne don't have much confidence in the dollar. Kiplinger Reports took a close look at the Cheney's financial disclosure report recently, and found that the Second Couple is betting against the U. S. economy. The biggest chunk of their estimated $96 million in change is bet on a fund that specializes in predominately European bonds and had only 6% of its assets in go dollar-based investments when Kiplinger took a look. (Warren Buffett , no NeoCon, but known for his financial acumen, is doing the same.)"

That's right. Management went to the cross town bookie and is betting against TEAM USA.
For the full article go to ICH <--click
For those that don't know them, Michael Ledeen and Richard Perle are long time players in the Fascist Corporate Family.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

This is an e-mail discussion

between some friends and associates on the general subject of elections and legal attempts to make sure that your vote is not stolen.

Mr. B gave referance to a Pennsylvania Lawsuit filed in an attempt to have a verifiable vote.

Mr M then wrote this - "This is going to get fixed in some states and not in others, and stay goofy until some future Voting Rights Act Mark II or Mark III forces votes to be counted and certified at the local precinct level. It could take a generation or two, considering that no party or politician, not even startup Green parties or Ralph Nader, has anything to gain by having votes counted accurately.

As a practical fact, the mass of potential ballot casters is an almost anarchic entity, or can't really be controlled, or is susceptible to fluke events, like the Dems' first-ever success in turning out the vote from the large cluster of retirement homes in our precinct by renting buses and running them all day. The precinct officials actually had to coordinate the arrival of these buses to avoid a succession of human logjams in front of 8 machines. This was said by them to be a first-time event but somehow our final tally was basically a repeat of the 2000 tally to within 1% or so, allegedly with about the same number of votes cast, which made no sense. In 2000 turnout was extremely light and there's only a couple of thousand voters in the whole precinct anyway. The turnout in 2004 was probably up by a third or more. New voter registration was huge all across the region and I believe the vast majority of those entitled to vote actually tried to, in 2004. As Alan put in in light of the Scottsville precinct where all his buddies are, everybody desperately rushed out and registered and then tried to vote but it was 4 years too late."

Mr. B reiterated and added - "It's all reprehensible, but it's not going to get fixed unless lawsuits are filed. This case may well define the immediate future of challenges and perhaps the longer future of voting. I think it's a good sign."

Mr M continued - "The lawsuit you mention, which I believe is by no means the only one, is a very good sign. Critical reforms often begin with lawsuits, going back to Dred Scott and beyond. The lawsuits are vital and they will number in the dozens and scores over the next several years. We can count on it. But seriously, several more important facets of this situation:

1) Historically, the most tortuous kinds of vote manipulation and fraud are the norm, not the exception, in American history. It's just not new. Recall Davy Crockett's country store horseplay routine when he was canvassing for votes in his House race (see above). He had a raccoon skin with a string tied to it and he would ceremoniously offer the skin in exchange for the storekeeper's vote and then reel the skin back in ... point taken all over the frontier. Crockett won on the revolving coonskin platform. There will always be a few lone voices (I hope). But machines tend to rule.

2) There need to be lawsuits and I'm sure there will be but for the immediate future, the Supreme Court has picked the side it wants to be on, and it's not the voters. This could not have come to pass without the S.C.

3) What goes around comes around. Private entities cannot be defended from their stockholders. Diebold changed CEOs just last year, I believe. When the Bushes placed the electoral system in private corporate hands, they placed it in hands that actually exist for the purpose of being openly bought and sold.

4) When the Byrd machine fell apart in the early sixties (having existed ever since Fitzhugh Lee's last failed run for governor and the installation of the 1902 constitution without a vote), it collapsed because its own leaders and chief beneficiaries couldn't afford their own failures any more. There was no public organized opposition to it--every crack and cranny a political enemy might have exploited was long since stopped up and the machine simply functioned as a total dictatorship. But in its lack of dynamic tension even its graft was becoming intolerably inefficient. There was less and less to steal or give away. The machine broke up from old age, much like Fidel. Vigorous new "machinelets" sprang up all over the place--at one point a Progressive Labor candidate came within a few votes of the governorship! Mike, remember Henry Howell? Here's a brief blast from the past we all deserve to read:IN MEMORIAM NORFOLK'S HENRY E. HOWELL<---click

5) Finally, to cap for the moment what I hope was more essaylike than screedlike, whole shoals of people are just completely confused, like Matthew Arnold's "ignorant armies that clash by night." I see two separate "grand confusions" here that feed each other--

* Private confusion, whether from being spun out, ignorant, or just mentally sloppy. People just can't sort themselves out in all the hooraw. Just a couple of examples from recent conversations I was in--believe it or not I have a Republican brother-in-law, and I had the very interesting experience of hearing him explain that the Bush vote manipulations in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 only changed the totals by a few thousand votes, so the altered results still represented democracy in its purest form because "what's a few thousand votes one way or the other." Fascinating. In another case, I managed to create some completely blank looks--practically a brain-wipe--by pointing out that in the political debate over reproductive law, the only voices not heard from are the basic scientists and the leading clinicians actually working in the reproductive medicine field. Any deluded fundagelical with less knowledge of biology than a cat can go national with his opinion and it will be taken seriously, and any noteworthy libertarian who wants to evolve some verbal case out of Locke or Hobbes or the Constitution can get a page in the NYT without being able to tell you the difference between DNA and RNA or define mitosis, but the actual professionals in the field have simply been silenced--and no one in the Great Debate even notices they're missing. (That's because this very profitable unconstructive debate would end if they were ever heard from).

* Institutional confusion, or "photoferophobia" (fear of spreading light). You can get yourself a stack of major newspapers and then watch the news on every network, and you will find only one channel and only one paper that has given itself permission to simply call a lie a lie or state an obvious natural fact: the Comedy Channel and The Onion. The House, the Senate, the candidates, the courts and all, are in much the same state as the public organs of speech. The Bushites are so horrific, and have spread so much disaster, loss and waste, that virtually every public institution we have would rather wear a paper bag over its head than risk stating the obvious about the 500 lb gorilla in the room. The implications are so foul that the most tempting mental reaction is to just pretend it ain't happening. And there is a kind of monkey logic to that--maybe when the gorilla has eaten all the bananas it will go away."

Mr. R chimed in with this - "hey folks, i figure i'll throw my $.02 in.
as far as law suits are concerned, they are heard in a court presided over by a judge-most of the time. Those judges get to be judges in various ways, but federal judges are appointed, and subject to congressional scrutiny and approval. Now, if memory serves, i seem to recall that only 3 or 4 (it was 9) of clinton's appointments were approved, the rest were held up, and never seated."

Snippet of Statement of The Honorable Patrick Leahy
United States Senator Vermont May 15, 2003 Senate Judiciary Commitee

"During the years 1995 through 2000 Republicans in the Senate stalled action on judgeships for President Clinton to fill. Those few judgeships we were able to authorize were included as riders on appropriations bills, allowing 9 new district court judgeships in 1999 and 10 new ones at the end of 2000, which were for President Clinton’s successor to fill.

Last year during my chairmanship we included 20, including 15 new judgeships and five extensions of temporary judgeships, in an authorization bill, and thus we already have exceeded the new judgeships allowed President Clinton during his eight full years in office. In effect, we have authorized 30 additional judgeships for President Bush to nominate for, after Republicans allowed only nine to President Clinton, and after we had authorized 85 for the first President Bush and 85 for President Reagan. Does anyone discern a pattern and lack of balance? In the past two decades, Congress has authorized 200 judgeships for Republican Presidents to fill and only nine for a Democratic President. That is an unfortunate trend and one that should give any reasonable and fair person pause." Original Source <---click

Mr R continues - "and who can forget the pResident's belief that the judiciary is too "activist", and the hate delivered to liberal judges across the country. so, yeah, lawsuits may be the answer, or at least part of a solution, but i wouldn't bet the bank on this...unless we purge every last stinking mf-ing neoconservative, high and low, from our government. these looney toons are incredibly evil, and have endangered human civilization too many times in the last half century, but the heights of power they have achieved in the last decade are staggering. everyone of the neo-cons has to go. there is no place where they can be trusted. maybe bush's newly constructed internment camps can be used to good end, after all. thanks, halliburton.

the elite that run this country, and the world, will never change their minds and willingly give up power, or distribute power fairly to the people, and so, we are tilting at windmills, i think. yet, i find the engagement somewhat enthralling. maybe never in my life have things been so stark, and treacherous. certainly, the doomsday clock is closer to midnight now than it's ever been, i'd bet. i might lose because of the cuban missile crisis, but i don't think so. the forces of evil are certainly rampant, and unfortunately, most of them seem to be home grown. i wish it were otherwise.

i don't know if you guys know of this place, pretty comprehensive on news and legal actions regarding e-voting."

Human says - Add what you want to the discussion. As sited by Mr. R the Brad Blog is the premier place for news and information on E-Voting Machines and other issues.

The Davey Crockett pic is courtesy of Mr. M

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The Top 10 Corporate Democrats-For-Hire

Peace. It's possible. Maybe we just need another Lobbyist. Uh huh that's it. How stupid of me to leave the Party. How ingeeeeenius of Sen. Weak Kneed Reid and AIPAC'S #1 Whore Pelosi. The only difference is it's the left hand taking the bribes instead of the right hand. While we get a back hand slap from both hands.

What we need is a plan......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............??????

Sunday, August 20, 2006



Kris Kristofferson was born in Brownsville, Texas on June 22, 1936. He spoke Spanish before English . His father was an Air Force Major-General. Kristofferson spent his youth moving around the country wherever his father was assigned. Some of his songs include, "Me and Bobby McGee," "Help Me Make It Through The Night," "For The Good Times," "Loving Her Was Easier, "and "Why Me," to name a few. Kris has toured several months a year for the last twenty years with his band and most recently as a part of The Highwaymen with his longtime friends Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.
Kris Kristofferson graduated from Pomona College in California where he majored in Creative Literature and was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University. After a stint as an Army pilot, he declined a teaching post at West Point and moved to Nashville to pursue a writing career and a foothold in the country music scene. Within a few years success arrived when his now classic song "Sunday Morning Coming Down." He has been named to the Songwriter's Hall of Fame and has had his songs recorded by hundreds of major artists.

Kris Kristofferson's acting career lifted off with his musical success. He started with his first film in 1971, and followed this success with several hits. Certainly a landmark in his film career was starring in "A Star Is Born" with Barbara Streisand, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

Kris Kristofferson once said, "It's where the stuff you feel in your heart is expressed, it's the closest thing to your soul," he says of his music. "To me it's satisfying to express things that you feel and have other people say 'Right, that's exactly how I feel, too.' "

And no he ain't dead yet. I thought it be nice to put up a bio on somebody I always liked to hear before they die. I also did not know he had other prestigious talents and honors.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


In our effort to reclaim our Democracy from the Sick Far Right, we have some high hurdles. Besides the blatant positive coverage of Sen. Lieberman's campaign and the negative portrayal of Ned Lamont, the MSM has other ways to maintain crowd control. As the previous post's illustrates one of their tricks is to NOT show what other people from around the world see.

Last night's coverage by CNN of Sen. Joe Lieberman's defeat at the hands of Conneticut's Democrats shows just how far CNN will go to delude the public.

As usual, last night the loser of an election came on 1st to give a concession speech. 1st came the chanting WE WANT JOE"! WE WANT JOE!" Then the loser Lieberman came out and gave a long winded speech vowing to fight on. You could watch it on C-SPAN and CNN. CNN showed just about the whole speech, save about the last minute.
A bit later Ned Lamont came out to the cheers of his supporters. If you were watching C-SPAN you saw it. If you were watching CNN you saw something else. As Mr. Lamont delivered a fine Victory speech, CNN played a fluff piece on Sen. Lieberman that they had shown earlier.

Not one second of Ned Lamont's speech was shown on CNN. MSNBC did cut away from their scheduled program and showed a bit of Lieberman's speech. No coverage of Ned Lamont's speech was shown by them either.

With this type of muscle behind the Bush Regime I think it was a wonder Ned Lamont won last night. Why did he win? Because now more than ever, progressives are uniting to take our country back from the Sick Far Right. And you can rest assured the MSM will redouble it's efforts to defeat us. In just the last hour or so, CNN has mentioned Sen. Lieberman's name dozens of times. As usual, in a favorable light. Ned Lamont's name is barely mentioned. When they do, it is with a negative light. Just now at the top of the hour(9am) they started with a clip of Sen. Lieberman's speech and once again nothing of Mr. Lamont's speech.


This morning Mr. and Mrs. Human, who are far from rich, sent Mr. Lamont's campaign $100.00. Last night Sen. Lieberman called for outside state support. This morning I promise you, I and Lil Joe will be going to Connecticut.. To support Ned Lamont.

If you helped win the Primary, a LEFT HANDED HI 5 TO YOU! But that was just the 1st half. The referees have shown who they favor to win. Let's show them whose stadium they are in.

To express your displeasure of CNN's non-coverage of Ned Lamont's speech call 404-827-1500. To see how you can help the good people of Connecticut put someone in the Senate who will stand up to the Bush Regime please visit

The second half is about to start. Let's go out and CRUSH 'EM!

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The Sharonists and their crimes against the people of Lebanon, I am compelled to post another article on the extreme bias and lies of the MSM. Like my post "CROWD CONTROL" (July 26th)and "AIPAC IS A FOREIGN LOBBY GROUP" (July 31st) the following link to 4 short vids reveals so much that Americans are not allowed to see and hear.

I found these at Brass Check TV. So many other interesting vids can be found there that they are my newest org link on my sidebar.

Peace. It's possible. We just gotta expose the lies and the Truth Shall Set Us Free to pursue Peace.

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I ain't much fer tagging. 1st because I don't see how one could be interested. 2nd My blog purpose is try to make a better world and not really about me. But in the process of it all I cannot but help it being about me. And you. Since this particular tag is not all that personal(or is it?) I'll play. Plus, what the hay, it's really about sharing, is it not? So for Spooky Pete and any others who may be interested...

1) One book that changed my life? Really a tie. The Gospels and The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving. Spiritual Salvation from one and Mortal salvation from the latter. I have had to remind my self to keep passing by the open window before and might have to again..

2)One book you have read more than once? HA! Most of the books I have read I read again. Read a book you have read a year or more ago and you will get a whole different insight into it. I promise you will. For this answer I will have to go with not one book, but the 14 volumes of Morison's History of the United States Naval Operations of WWII. Read them many a time. It gave me a real good look at what was logistically and physically possible in our effort at prevailing in WWII. Reading that also convinced me that the Navy in WWII and in particular in the Pacific Theatre
did more with less than the Army or the Army Air Force. I also am still astounded at the commitment of one to the ship. I don't know, maybe it is a male trait. But to be a part of an independent, efficient, battle hardened machine is appealing. Not to belittle the Army(and hey I am an Army Brat) or the Air Corps but I find the Naval Service a bit more Valorous. They don't allow you to dig a fox hole in the deck and you can't retreat unless the ship does.

3)One book you want on a Desert Island. I would not want a book. I'd want the last 20 years of Penthouse Letters Magazine. That and a how to make Cocoa Butter pamphlet.

4)One book that made me laugh? Does a screenplay count? Though I never saw it acted out, The Taming of The Shrew busted me up when I read it.

5)One book I wish had been written? mmmmmmm. That's a weird one. I mean I would write it would I not? It's all been sung before. Whether by storytelling by the cave fire eons ago or the latest NY Times Bestseller it has been expressed before. I'll leave great books and such to great writers. Which brings me to my greatest writer? Yeah I know, it's not the question but this is my dance studio so - John Steinbeck is still the best.

6) A book I wish had never been written? That would be mighty presumptuous of me. But since you asked - The Bridge on The River Kwai. I really loved the movie(yeah I know it's about historically accurate as the Warren Commission Report) so I tried to read the book. I made a rule a long time ago. If I start a book I finish it. Just couldn't do it with the Kwai book. Boring is giving it too much credit. The other book I could not finish was War and Peace. Sure it is exciting. But I would need a massive flow chart to keep track of that many characters. I mean jeeeesssshhhhhh.

7)A book that made me cry? Me? Cry? Okay, Okay I'll admit it. A good writer can pull my heart strings easy. The most tears? The Pearl by Steinbeck. I did say he was the best did I not? It is also the last book of his I ever read. Ya see what he does is make you fall for the character(s) and then (SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NOT READ HIM!) kills them. The Pearl made me cry and made me mad. I remember my brother trying to get me to read The Red Pony. I resisted with all my might. Ya see I knew what happened to the Red Pony without reading it. Bloody Bastard. (Human lifts his voice to the heavens)
I love you John, You just hurt me too much!

8)One book I am currently reading? Well I used to read 2 or 3 books at a time. Well not at once but you know what I mean silly. Most often they were history books. One main book, a couple for reference or crosschecking and a couple of Atlases. Blogging has taken over from my reading. I still study though. Most on Childcare. Right now I Need To Pee. Ooopsy daisy. I mean I'm currently reading I Need To Pee by MO Willems. A potty training book. No damn it it's not for me, it's for my Lil Joe. Now stop it! That's my son's name, not my nickname for you know what!

9)One book I have been meaning to read? The Doomsday Book has just been put up on the Web. I think by the BBC. As a Historian I find lists, charts and such interesting. The other would be The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I have all the volumes. My copies were written about 200 years ago. Gibbons style is hard to read for me and he also takes things for granted. A flow chart again would be handy. Just can't keep reading him. Hard to decipher. Still I love books so I'll keep 'em.

10)Now Tag 5 people. I will never ever tag anybody.
But I will recommend one. Or two books. Barry and The Boys by Daniel Hopsicker and Confessions of An Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.

I will also add that 2 of my favorite places in the world are the Library and a used book store.

Peace. It's possible. We just need to remember what we all learned in kindergarten.

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May The Sons Of Esau And Jacob

Reach A Balanced Harmony As These Twins Have.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Mushroom Cloud or Sign of the Cross? This is the Irreverant John Hagee. According to him a Nuke War with Iran is a good thing. On Sundays I often watch him, Benny Hinn and Robertson. Know Thy Enemy. I also then know the upcoming weeks talking points on FOX NEWS. These fanatics don't just have the ear of the Bush Regime, they have offices in the White House. When they assembled their coven errr I mean faithful in the Nation's Capitol recently RNC Chair Mehlman came to pay homage. So did Senators Brownback and Santorum. Make no mistake, these people are the greatest threat to you and your families.

With Christians like these who needs Satan?

Peace. It's possible. Just not with these fanatics in power.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


knew they were lied to by NORAD.

Why the cover-up?

These two articles are just further evidence that the Bush Regime aided and abetted the Attack on America. It also shows just what a cruel farce the 911 Commission Report is.

Peace. It's possible. Just not with the crazy bastards who are in power now.