Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Red Sky at Night

And I've found a Sailor who is a Delight. Now, Now, to read that is.
So with the assistance of the U.S. Navy Band I'm proud to introduce a new friendly
Commander Jeff Huber of Pen and Sword.

From his "About Me":"Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy (Retired) was operations officer of a naval air wing and an aircraft carrier, and commanded an E-2C Hawkeye aircraft squadron. His satires and analysis of military and foreign policy affairs have appeared in Proceedings, The Navy, Jane's Fighting Ships, and other print periodicals. Some of his essays have been required student reading at the U.S. Naval War College, where he received a master's degree in national security studies in 1995. Jeff is a contributing editor with ePluribus Media and his regular commentaries on the current strategic situation are featured at Daily Kos, Booman Tribune and My Left Wing."

His insightful writings go a long way to dispel the myth that all Officers are examples of the Peter Principle. His present article is about the upcoming conflict with Iran. He don't mince words, so with Pen and Sword you get the point.

And for further enjoyment watch this -

White Sands Missile Range 1965: I was four years old sitting on top of my Father's shoulders where we had gathered with a few hundred other people to watch "something special". They came up behind us. As silent as a snowflake. With wingtips "A foot apart" and right on top of our heads they ROARED. I was so scared I was just a screaming. My Dad was laughing so hard he just about shook me off his shoulders.
What a show the Blue Angels put on that day! I surely thought they would crash into each other at any moment.

I'll never forget that day so far away.......

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jan. 27th 2007 DC Demonstration Report and Pictures

UPDATED AT END,1-28-07 11:20PM
3RD UPDATE AT END, 1-30-07 10AM
Being in a bit less pain than last night I decided we would go down and join the Demonstration against the American-Iraq War. I'm so glad we did. Solidarity, Speaking out and Marching for Peace were the order of the day. This was the best On Message demonstration against this War that I have participated in. This was my 6th and Lil Joe's 3rd. I had a feeling it was gonna be a bigun and I wasn't disappointed.

We left around 9:30 and stopped of at the Burger King at Route 17 off of Interstate 70 about 10 miles west of Frederick Maryland. Frederick is a Republican City and it's
newspapers reflect that fact. Most of the papers around DC including the Washington Post by and large have ignored the many demos, even the biguns. I was surprised to hear CNN's Jack Cafferty twice mention the planned Demo in positive terms earlier this week.

While waiting for our order of sausage biscuits to be filled at the drive up window I was also pleasantly surprised to see the Frederick News Post's headline.

Usually I park at the Twinbrook Metro station to take the train in to DC for the demos. For some stupid reason I parked at the Shady Grove Metro, which is the North end of the Red Line. In an effort to go up to the tunnel into station we were met by such a large crowd that I estimated it would take at least an hour to board a train.
We backtracked to the car and went down to Twinbrook which is 2 stations closer. Much to my pleasure the Metro was running some trains from Shady Grove without letting people board from there, so our train was not packed. We hooked up with the Green/Yellow line at Gallery Place and boy oh boy was it crowded there. People chanting, signs and good feelings filled the Metro. Arising above ground at Archives we found the area just crawling with fellow protesters. People coming from every direction. We headed down 3rd and made a left at Madison. We climbed the steps of the National Art Gallery to rest and plan our next move. I also called Robert Rouse of Left of Centrist to see if I could hook up with him.

Lil Joe says Hello from the steps of the Gallery.

Two Fine People against Bush. Now tell me the truth, who would you most likely entrust to watch over your child, these Two Fine People or George and Laura?
I forgot where they hailed from. They were most pleasant to meet.

After repeated calls back and forth, Robert from Left of Centrist came out of the crowd near the stage so we could meet. We only had a few moments to talk because he had to get back to a friend who had come down from Fort Wayne with him. She is blind. But obviously sees a lot clearer than Bush People! It was a pleasure to meet him and I look forward to seeing him again someday.

It was such a beautiful day in DC, the Moon showed up.

I wanted to be near the front of the march and I was successful. You can see the front as we head up Capitol Hill.

We Stand Up to Bush. Now if we can only get the Capitol inhabitants to do so. Someone on the return trip on the train told me that one of the groups had made a Spine that was quite long. Something akin to one of those Chinese Dragons seen during one of their festivals. I hope to see a pic somewhere of it.

Impeachment? Hell Yes!

Lil Pretty in Pink for Peace. Her and her sisters(?)to the right had the the sweetest voiced chant of all I heard."PEACE NOW!"

This is looking down Capitol Hill after a 3rd way up. The people are coming up from the street on the left.

This is looking down Capitol Hill after we looped back. This U-Turn of the March was to cause problems later on. People got real jammed up, and people started coming up from this side too. When we got down a bit and turned around and looked, it was all jammed up. This was not the Organizers fault. Only late yesterday was the March Route posted online, because the Police decide were we can March. They were trying to protect the South side of the Capitol, because that is were people who work(term used loosely mind you)at the Capitol enter and leave their parking area. Later someone told me it was opened up. I was thinking that the Police wanted to cause trouble because of the loop back March Route. But if they did open it up, maybe they were just being stupid by trying to U-Turn 10's of thousands of people and corrected that mistake.

Two of Boston's Finest came down to Speak Out.

This was taken about two hours after Lil Joe and I started marching. Thousands of people still coming!

I usually try to do a good estimate of the numbers of the crowd. What with the pain from the kidney stone and being with Lil Joe, I cannot give an honest estimate.
Later some said the Organizers were claiming 300,000. I said I didn't think there were that many. They then said that people were packed on the Mall all the way back to the Washington Monument. If so, then 200 or 300 thousand most likely did show up.
Some people just stay on the edge of the crowd and don't march. They just have picnics with their posted signs. From what I saw, my best Guesstimate is that there were around 50,000 people. From previous experiance the correct number is somewhere right between what the Orginizers say and what the Police say it was. So maybe tomorrow we'll have a better idea. DC wasn't the only place Demos were held. All across the Nation people gathered to Stop this Insane War and Bring Our Troops Home.
And We Will.

The next DC Demo is planned for March 17th. That will be the 4th Anniversary of the Official start of the American-Iraq War. People are planning to encamp for three days at the Pentagon. If they do, I intend to come down for a day. I'll bring cookies and other yummies. If you come, I'll share.

Peace. Bring it On.

Melissa who came by and commented has some great pics that you can find at her place Left here.

Dusty made a fantastic video of the DC and Palm Springs Protests that you can find Left here too.

Mary who also came by and commented, was at the DC Demo along with a brood of younguns. Her post and pics are a must see.

Robert of Left of Centrist has returned to Ft Wayne and his post is also very worthy of your time. You also get another pic of me and Robert together.

I forgot to mention that a contingent of Iraq Veterans Against the War were at the Demo. For those with ears to hear, Paddy over at John's shares this Youtube (They Speak for Themselves) Video. It should be required viewing for all of Congress and the Misadministration.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Pardon My Bitch

I know I should not complain, but damit, why wouldn't my seconding freaking no good freaking motherfreeeeaking kidney stone wait till Monday to make it's appearance via intense goshdarnfreaking paaaaiiinn so I and Lil Joe and I could join thousands of other people in DC and demonstrate against this sick FREAKING WAR?


The good news is, for the second time this week, Jack Cafferty on CNN mentioned the upcoming Demonstration in positive terms. His 5 o'clock question was will the demo make a difference. The Majority of the e-mail read was positive. The last one was quite moving. An Oregonion Woman wrote that her husband was flying out to DC tonight to join the March. She added that she would be there except one of them had to take care of the kids, and that he will represent both of them.

Robert Rouse from Left of Centrist is headed to DC all the way from Indiana. He'll be back Sunday and I'm sure he'll have a fine post about it.

I have attended 6 demos protesting this War and this has the feel of a bigun.
If you can come, you can find more info here. If you can't maybe there is one near you. If not you can help with donations here. If nothing else send your powerful thoughts and prayers to all the Good people who are Marching for Peace.

If I'm feeling better tomorrow we might go down, but it don't look like that's going to happen. Well the Percocet is kicking in and the pain is subsiding. I managed to make a visit to Pams tonight. There you can read the full list of those No Good SOB's who wouldn't let the Min. Wage be raised. Read ya all later.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

For Faiza

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two For Sicily Sue (Updated at end 1-24 10:30pm)

With Balls a Bouncing & a Keyboard Playing

And Guitar a Pianoing

I'm pleased to hook up with a New Friendly. Sicily Sue focuses mainly on Women's Issues and her own Trials and Triumphs. She also has a deep appreciation of Literature, Music and Art. With every visit I have learned something new and you just might too!

I also have a new link in the Org. section. I found the Women's Justice Center at Sicily Sue's. Below that is the link where you can take a Rape Quiz, a page from the WJC also linked at Sicily Sue's. A few misconceptions of my own were trashed when I took the quiz and maybe a few of your own will be too.

Oh what the heck, make 3 for Sicily Sue.

Can anybody guess what movie this theme song goes to?

Updated -
Because Haloscan ain't working for me right now I put this here -

Sicily Sue Wins! Before I checked my blog I did a search and found the Theme to TOE. They are quite similar. The way this musician plays it makes it sound almost identical to the FG theme.
So after hearing that I was gonna say you win anyways, because of it's extreme similarity. You do have a good ear and memory for music.

I too listen music while cleaning. Though I go for Rock, Folk or Big Band for cleaning. Classic for quiet reflective time. I really like that conductor guy that comes on PBS when they are raising money. Andres something or another. He makes classical concerts so fun!

Today I scrubbed the floor to the Doobie Brothers.

For the Winner, Sicily Sue, Cup this in your Hand (careful it's delicate) then click on this and close your eyes to listen to the Best Guitarist ever.(or maybe put it on pause to fully load 1st then close your eyes)

Peace & Tranquility is my Wish for you. If only for a Night and a Day.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The following began as a response to Hill Country Gal But posted because Haloscan won't carry the whole thing Some title Huh?

CREDIT: Rosskam, Edwin, photographer. "Children Playing "Ring around a Rosie" in One of the Better Neighborhoods of the Black Belt, Chicago, Illinois." April 1941. America from the Great Depression to World War II: Photographs from the FSA and OWI, ca. 1935-1945, Library of Congress.

Ring a-round the roses,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down!

Hi Hill. Quite a few are macabre.

I tend to think that some were made by the children themselves, so as to taunt others (like ones that are named Elizabeth who happen to be the current target) or coping with Death or other calamities. And others were used just to piss off the Giants.

One of the songs that we 1st grade kids would sing(mid sixties mind you)
went like this-
"Hurrah! Hurrah!
Off to school we go!
With Hand Grenades and Green Berets
Hi Ho Hi Ho!"

An obvious play on a Snow White Song.

Another taught to us by older kids went like this -
Marijuana! Marijuana!
Scientists make it!
Teachers take it!
Why can't we?!
Why can't we?!

The shock on the passing faces of adults was priceless.

Another one that was quite upsetting to the Giants(and what fun that is!)was -
"Do not laugh as the Hearst goes by.
For you may be the next to die.

They wrap you a bloody sheet.
And throw you down 'bout six feet deep.

All goes well for about a week
Then the Casket begins to leak

Worms crawl in.
Worms crawl out.
Worms play pinnocle on your snout

Your stomach turns to a slimy green.
and puss rolls out like whipped cream."

Most rhymes and such that you and I know came from Jolly Old England.
Most have been shortened. Your comment
prompted me to find out just what the "London Bridge" song was all about.

Here are the lyrics in full -
"London Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, Falling down.

London Bridge is falling down,
My fair lady.

Take a key and lock her up,
Lock her up, Lock her up.

Take a key and lock her up,
My fair lady.

How will we build it up,
Build it up, Build it up?

How will we build it up,
My fair lady?

Build it up with silver and gold,
Silver and gold, Silver and gold.

Build it up with silver and gold,
My fair lady.

Gold and silver I have none,
I have none, I have none.

Gold and silver I have none,
My fair lady.

Build it up with needles and pins,
Needles and pins, Needles and pins.

Build it up with needles and pins,
My fair lady.

Pins and needles bend and break,
Bend and break, Bend and break.

Pins and needles bend and break,
My fair lady.

Build it up with wood and clay,
Wood and clay, Wood and clay.

Build it up with wood and clay,
My fair lady.

Wood and clay will wash away,
Wash away, Wash away.

Wood and clay will wash away,
My fair lady.

Build it up with stone so strong,
Stone so strong, Stone so strong.

Build it up with stone so strong,
My fair lady.

Stone so strong will last so long,
Last so long, Last so long.

Stone so strong will last so long,
My fair lady."

I think that the 1st few London Bridges did fall. I don't know what the thing about A Fair Lady locked up is about. Maybe that was the norm thing to do to Fair Ladies. If so I guess the Burka is a huge leap forward for women as compared to being "Locked Up" in a tower.


Friday, January 19, 2007

While Searching For

ways to keep my sneezy and runny nosed 2 & a 1/2 year old entertained I went online to find some "kid songs". That search didn't find much, so I decided to see if
Knick Knack Paddy Wack was available. Seems people from the Old Country kept themselves entertained on cold wintry days with song too.

I think the Kelly Family must be Dutch or something. I think the long hair must help keep them warm. Definitely Catholic. The Moeder and Vader obviously don't use birth control.

Monday, January 15, 2007


As one reads the following, the reader should at least try to make an attempt to put themselves in the times of the era that I'm writing about. If one has trouble doing that, maybe after some reflection my story will help.

Up until the age of four I don't remember seeing a Black person or knowing of their existence. In addition the natural protective ring that surrounds "the baby" of the family was enhanced by my Father being in the Army. Although President Eisenhower had desegregated the Armed Forces years before, this was by and large a paper illusion.I was born in '61 while we were stationed on one of the Nike Missile sites that surrounded Pittsburgh. At the age of two, we moved to Yorba Linda California, the birth place of President Nixon, so as to be close to my Mom's sister's family while my Father was sent to a duty station in Germany. To this day the area is made up of a predominately White populace.

At the age of four we moved back onto a Military Base. This time to White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The housing was just like any place in any of the growing suburban areas growing around large cities. Except for where the housing ended, the Desert began. My Mother like all the women I knew were kept busy being homemakers and visiting each other for "coffee". I could knock on any door and be recognized. Bearing a strong resemblance to Opie complete with red hair and freckles made me adorable in any Mother's eyes. If I wasn't being Mothered by my own Mom or my big Sister, I was Mothered by numerous other Mom's in the neighborhood. Us kids ran around in and out of each others houses and the birthday parties were straight out of a Norman Rockwell scene.

Due to the financial challenges of raising six kids, my Mom got a much coveted job at the PX. She seemed pretty happy about that and so was I. Until, the realization that I wasn't going to be with her. That stark reality came to me when she left me at the Nursery School. Struck with utter terror I screamed and clung to the iron gate as she walked to the car and drove away. It took a long time for the 2 strange ladies to peel my little fingers off the gate. I'll save my memories of Nursery School for another time. Suffice to say my presence there was short lived. According to what I could decipher from listening in to the Giants, something "didn't work out".

Oh happy me! I was going to be with Mommy again! But, alas the Giants had figured another way to separate me from my Mom. This time though at least she told me what was going to happen. I was to be dropped of at a "Nice Lady's Home" and she would take care of me till as promised my Mom would come straight from the PX to pick me up.

On the 1st day I was delivered to the "Nice Lady's House" I was comforted by the fact that my own home was just down the street and in my part of the neighborhood.

After my Mom knocked on the door it was opened by a person such as I had never seen.
I was stunned to see that this Lady has quite dark skin. My first thought was that something bad had happened to her. Though the Lady shown a kindly face to me, the immediate adoration demonstrated by all Women when they met me was absent. My Mother kneeled down, reaching up she gently closed my mouth that was hanging open, kissed me and told me to be a good boy and to do what I was told as if she told me to do it.

As the Lady led me into the living room I marveled at the immaculate appearance of her home. Nothing was out of place; the furniture was polished to a gleam. Not a speck of dust or smudge was to be seen. We sat down on the couch and though pleasant, her attitude towards me was quite different than what other Mothers had shown.
We made small talk and she told me the rules, stressing that I was not to make a mess. Thinking that maybe her attitude was due to her “sickness” or something, I asked "what happened"? She said, "What do you mean"? I said, "Your skin, did you get burned or something"? She looked deep into my eyes for a moment, and then smiled sweetly and said, "No, some people have black skin. I was born this way." She then said, I was to stay in the living room and entertain myself while she was busy in the kitchen.

I had not brought any toys with me, so I wandered about the living room. I was still amazed to see the place so shiny. I noticed that she had pictures displayed on the wall. There I could see that indeed there were other people with Black skin. As was the norm the photos were in black and white so at the time I did not see that there were varying degrees of black skin. There was her wedding photo with her husband and other pictures which I could see were taken a long time ago. On top what was I would later deem to be a glass doored bookcase, were pictures of a black boy about my age. I could see the resemblance to my new sitter and figured that was her son. Oh boy! I wanted to meet him! We could be friends! And I could further ask about black skin and all! After all, he was a kid like me and not one of the Giants.

Inside the glassed doored bookcase I saw that there were toys. Boy toys like I had never played with! Inside was a huge shiny Fire Truck! Lifting the glass door carefully I reached in and got the Fire Engine out. I played with it for sometime.

Deep into my world of make believe, my sitter came in from the kitchen. "What are you doing"?! She demanded? I was scared and just blurted out that I had found the Fire Truck in the case and was playing with it. She was quite upset and taking it from me said, "You had better not of damaged it". She looked it over carefully and said, I was not to play with any of the toys in the case. They were her son's and admonished me for not asking first. She went into the kitchen with the Fire Truck and came back in wiping it down. She carefully put it back into the case. She than said, "Look, you smudged the glass, don't go in here again". I knew then I could not get in the case undetected. She went back in the kitchen and came back with a spray bottle and cleaned my little smudges off the glass on the case. Looking into the wonderful toys I could not touch I asked her when does her son come home?(I thought from school).
She said he would come home later after my Mom picked me up. I told her I was sorry. She looked deeply into my eyes and seeing that I was being truly sorry, smiled and said, "its okay Dear, just bring some toys of your own to play with." This reassured me that she was not too mad at me, for I was to come back.

Later she came in and said lunch was ready. That day and every day thereafter the lunch was the same, save 2 minimal variants. I ate either Chef Bor-r-dee spaggetios or ravioli. Soon after I curled up on the couch and napped. I woke up to find that she had covered me with a blankie sometime while I slept. It was then that I thought she loved me like all the other Giant Ladies I met, but would take some time for her to be charmed. I was also greatly relieved that she did not tell my Mom that I had touched her Son's toys.

Though I never charmed her, we settled in a comfortable routine. Though the 1st day
was the most she spoke to me on any one day, I knew what to expect and felt safe with her. There were no other interferences for unlike every other homes on base, the neighboring Mothers never stopped by for coffee and we did not go anywhere either.

That was in 1965. These are some other events that took place that year -

Martin Luther King is arrested on a Civil Rights protest in Selma, Alabama. Then after protests are banned, Martin Luther King leads 25,000 civil rights protesters in Montgomery, Alabama.

Malcolm X is shot dead at a party meeting in Harlem on 21st February. Three black Muslims were convicted of the murder. The Autobiography of Malcolm X, based on interviews he'd done with Alex Haley, was published.

The Watts riots in South Central Los Angeles began on August 11th. Lasting six days, 34 died, over 1000 were injured, 4000 arrested and an estimated $100 million worth of damage was done. The catalyst was a white policeman (Lee Minikus) pulling over a black man (Marquette Frye) who'd been reported as driving erratically. However the inquiry into the riots revealed that poverty - housing problems, bad schools, unemployment were the chief players in the tragedy.

Some of the named on record who died in racial violence in 1965 -

Allie W. Shelby murdered Flora Mississippi January 22 1965

Deputy O'Neal Moore murdered Bogalusa Louisiana June 2 1965

Willie Brewster murdered Anniston Alabama July 15 1965

Perry Small lynched Greensboro Alabama August 27 1965

Eddie Cook murdered Detroit Michigan November 7 1965

During one of my big sister's visits a few months ago, I related the story above to her and my wife. I said after all the years I had come to the conclusion that the Lady who took care of me so many years ago, had a hard heart towards White people and most likely resented having to care of somebody's White child. Reasoning that she was forced into it because of financial needs.

My sister who is seven years older than I, remembered the Lady including her name. She went on to tell me that on the contrary my sitter was quite friendly and not at all hateful towards White people.

It was her son that was the problem. Back in 1965 I thought he was a kid just a bit older than I. The toys I was forbidden to touch were his from his childhood days. He was then, like his father, in the Army. He was what was called a Militant back then.
A Black Panther member. My mere presence in the house was kept secret from him. The actions of my sitter became much clearer. The easily hidden can of spagettios. My isolation in the house. Fingerprints smudges that I knew I put on various surfaces, gone when I returned the next day. Yes, she must have been very concerned that her Son would find out.

Fear and Hate affects even the smallest amongst us. Later in my life I was completely overcome with the very same hate and fear that pervaded America. Though most of us have come a long way, at times it seems America is just as racially divided as it was 41 years ago. The respect towards others even of the same race, seem to me, much declined as compared to 1965.

Nowadays it is quite common to hear White people called Cracker or WASP. All derisive terms. Just as racially ridden with Hate and Fear as Nigger, Kyke, Wop or Spic.
Two or more wrongs don't make a right.

There are so many inequities such as the huge disparity in the numbers of Blacks sent to prison as compared to Whites convicted of the same crime. The hoops people of the Moslem faith are required to go through while others are not. For Women unequal pay for equal work. The assumption among many that every Latino is an Illegal Alien. The Gay Bashing that is reminiscent of the Lynching of Blacks. The list is long and I'm sure you could add quite a few that does not jump to mind right now.

I will be writing some further posts on Race and the experiences that shaped me throughout my life in the coming weeks.

I guess the best thing we can do is be a good example to our children. To really try to live by the Golden Rule. I want a better place for the children of the World to grow up in.

It's time we Redeemed the Dream.

This is a T-shirt that I bought for $3.00 near the Lincoln Memorial at the 40th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech. I couldn't stay for the main speakers, because I had only stopped by on my way to Fairfax Virginia to see Governor Dean kick off his Summer Campaign Tour.

Friday, January 12, 2007


I watched some of S.O.S. Rice's presentation before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. To say she looked discomforted throughout is an understatement. The Mighty Mic makes sure those chosen to be on the Committee are War Hawks. Sen. Nelson(D) who never met a Defense Spending Bill he didn't like and who has been a stalwart in support of the American-Iraq War said he has had enough of the lies. Sen Hagel(R) and Voinivich let her have it too. Brave Sen. Feingold was the only one to call for a withdraw now and wants the Congress to fulfill it's Constitutional oversight via defunding the carnage.

I really got the feeling that if one of the Senators had asked her that if she had an ounce of self respect left she should come clean and tell the truth of the matters at hand, she would of.

Meanwhile People of Peace are keeping the Pressure on. The Bush Regime still poses the greatest threat to our National Security. Wounded yes. They only have their Violent Extremist Base left. We must not let the Enemy have an inch of breathing space.

Whatever you can do in our Collective effort will reap big rewards.
This Jan. 27th(Sat.) there will be a massive demonstration to stop the War in Our Nations Capitol. On the 29th Delegations will be paying a visit to their Senators and Reps. to Lobby for an end to the Carnage. Other Demos will be held out through Our Nation.

If you can't join a demo, can you write a latter? Make that phone call? Send that fax? If you've already done that many a time, please do it again. Jabs are so much more important than a big punch. And with so many honest Conservatives joining the effort to end the War, the Jabs are coming Left and Right at the Bush Regime.

Find out more about the Jan. 27th demos here.<--click
Find you Representative here<--click
Find your Senator here<--click

And don't forget your local paper. Deliver an uppercut via a Letter to the Editor.

Peace. It's Possible. But it ain't gonna happen just through our Internet Access.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

IFin Ya Never Heard Congressman Ron Paul

it's about time you did. He has been a staunch counter in the Republican Party to the Neo-Cons. He's what I would call an honest Conservative. While I don't agree with everything he says, he is one any Liberal should be able to listen to with an open mind. In this his latest floor address he nails the Neo Con agenda. He also talks about Universal Service, a subject I disagree with him on. I'm all for it. I think there really is no other alternative way to counter the Apathy and Abdication of Citizen(Always Capitalize that last word folks) involvement so prevalent.

After you listen to Rep. Paul, I'd like to know your pros and cons on the subject of Universal Service. Also, are there any other Republicans you think you or your Reps. are able to deal with? What issues can we get Republican support? Me thinks the restoration of Constitutional Privacy Rights so flagrantly violated by the Bush Regime is one we can attain a lot of Republican support on.

Here is his Floor Address of Jan. 5th 2007 It's in WMV and after the 1st run through it continues automatically. It's a little over 5 minutes in total. If you would rather read the text of the speech you can here.

In addition if interested here is the text of his widely listened to "Neo Conned" speech of July 10th, 2003. Sorry, I could not find a proper video link. It is on Youtube, but in many parts.

Peace. It's possible. I'm ready to Ally with just about anybody to attain it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


American Letter to Iraqis

Dear People of Iraq,
I am an American, and as an American, I often find it very difficult to take responsibility for my actions. This letter is my effort to take responsibility for some of the things I have done to harm you. I speak for no other American but myself.

I am responsible for the many decades of suffering and hardship you have faced (and may well likely continue to face). I helped bring Saddam Hussein to power in order to control your natural resources and to use you as a state agent against Iran. I furnished Saddam with political support, money and deadly weaponry, much of which was used against you with my silent blessings. I protected him and allowed him create a world of misery for you in return for his loyalty to me.

Eventually, for political reasons, I found it useful to make him a bogey man. To his credit, this was a roll he played very well.

However, when I punished him with sanctions, you were the ones who starved. When I punished him with bombs, you were the ones who died. When I removed him from power without a workable transition strategy, you were the ones who were thrust into lawless chaos.

When Saddam was of no more use to me, I had him killed.

I know this letter means next to nothing to you, as you struggle to survive day to day, but I think it is important for at least one single American to acknowledge his silent responsibility in your suffering.

An American

Note: I copied this from Dancewater who copied it from Daily Kos.
Dancewater herself has done more to promote Peace than I could in the next 45 years.
I know in my heart I have not done enough to promote Peace and in daily affairs with other Humans have often failed the daily chance to do so. Indeed many times my actions have the opposite effect. As it has been said, one pebble thrown in the pond has many ripples. Or something like that. Anyways, I just believe in the Collective. Be they our Labors or the Fruits of such. It's our Decision, Bitter or Sweet, We'll have to Eat what We put on the Table.

For another post that is in part about responsibility go to this post at Supergirlest's Thinking Spot.