Thursday, January 31, 2008

How Hillary Clinton Betrayed the Children's Defense Fund for Political Gain

"Hillary Clinton has clearly, succinctly, and repeatedly challenged Barack Obama and John Edwards to let voters judge them or her by their records. Hillary Clinton has included her 8 years as First Lady in her 35 years of political experience, so it is appropriate to take her up on her challenge.

In this post, we will just examine one of the claims Clinton has made about her record, per her request to look closely at not just words, but her actions.

In the hot and testy debate in South Carolina, Clinton countered Obama's correct assertion that she served on the board of directors of Wal-Mart (followed by years as a corporate attorney for the Rose Law Firm) by saying, in essence, that when Obama was wet behind his ears, she was working and being inspired by the legendary Marian Wright Edelman at the Children's Defense Fund. That is true until you get to the issue of results in public office." For the rest of the article go here <--- clicky

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Deadly Economic Theories and a Political Test

On the Kucinich thread, my longest online friend Steven Rix clued me into an interview by Kucinich's Economic Advisor, Prof. Michael Hudson. You can read it at Mr. Hudson hmpg. under "Recent Documents". It's entitled "Debtor Nation: The Hijacking of America's Economy". It's PDF at 9 pgs.

The other link I want to bring to your attention is from DOHC (No Home Address). He and I are proud members of "Banned From Crooks & Liars Club". This is a blind political survey. The only problem for me was the makers representation of "Net Neutrality". Evidently he/she bought into the doublespeak and thinks Net Neutrality is a leveler, when the legislation proposed in that name in anything but.
So go ahead and "Pick Your Candidate".

For those that watched "The Century of Self", you can continue your deprogramming by watching the 3 part " The Trap". It deals with Economic-Socio Theories that have brought us to today.

Friday, January 18, 2008



Have you ever wanted to email Tony Snow? Or Fox Head Roger Ailes? Welllllll -
Susan Estrich, one of Fox News' token liberal commentators, would like to share all of the top secret personal email addresses of people like Tony Snow and Anita Vogel and Roger Ailes and Madeline Albright.

What is Tony Snow ( still doing with a Government address? I thought he works for Fox News? Oh yeah, I forgot, Fox News is the Government. And just who would that Hillary be at be? I wonder if she would like to see some of the Dead and Mutilated children of Iraq she helped bring about?

Don't bother me now...I'm on a Mission from God :)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Democracy Now

corrects the exclusion of Rep. Dennis Kucinich from the debate.From Democracy Now - "In an exclusive broadcast, we re-broadcast excerpts of the debate and give the Ohio Congressman a chance to answer the questions he might have faced if he hadn’t been silenced." You can watch/listen to it here.

I also want to take this time to explain why I did not support Rep. Kucinich this time around. While participating in a demonstration against the American-Iraq War in DC, a gentleman came up to me and gave me a small flyer. Printed on it, was a speech Rep. Kucinch had made on the floor of Congress. It was one of the most inspiring speeches I had ever read. I had never heard of Rep. Kucinch and decided to find out more about him. As I did not have regular 'net access then options were limited. The only mention of him that I could find was on Fox News. It was a derisive piece. And well, that was enough for me. I had never campaigned for anybody before. I was a raring to go.

I called the Kucinch campaign office and volunteered my efforts. Many times I called. I went to the library and emailed his campaign. Many times. Weeks went by. Exasperated I even called his Congressional office. All of them. Many times. After a few months went by I switched to Dean For America Campaign. No hesitation there. I was involved right away. I often talked with campaign workers at Dean's HQ(late at night) I went to a few meetups, helped hand out flyers and wore Dean's colors wherever I went. It felt good to be in the fight. Someone did finally call from the Kucinich campaign. Months later.

My feelings are not personal, I just don't think Dennis wanted to win in '04. And I don't think he wants to win in '08. This was confirmed by his message to his Iowa supporters the day before Caucus. Yes there is a place for his message. And I wish that the MSM respected the voters enough to do that. But I know better. I must say I liked his answer on who his running mate choice would be, "Ron Paul". So while Rep. Kucinch has my full respect, I just could not waste money and effort on someone who does not intend to win.

Now, if both Kucinich and Paul go Indy together, well that a whole 'nother story baby.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Ron Paul, Not Backing Down and Neither Am I

Director of Austin NAACP, Nelson Linder

"You should look at Ron Paul more closely". This usually comes from a "Loyal Democrat".
Nothing more knee jerk than voting for someone because they have a "D" attached. So , I tell you "Loyal Democrats" you are part of the problem. In another effort to start the Deprograming , I offer this video - "Century of Self". It's probably futile to even ask that a "Loyal Democrat" watch a lengthy Documentary. After all, it takes one willing to "Look Closely".

Here's some other Ron Paul news for those that suffer from Knee Jerkitis won't click onto -
Austin NAACP Director Comes To Ron Paul's Defense. (I just might rejoin the NAACP if the Leaders retake the Civil Rights issue from racists like Al Sharpton.)

Ron Paul responds to AIPAC shill Wolf Blitzer and charges of Racism. Part 1

Part 2.

Peace. Give it a Chance. Too bad so many self called "Progressives" won't.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008


As many of you know Fox News excluded Rep. Ron Paul from their "Debate" in New Hampshire today. A lot of Dems and quite a few number of progressive bloggers take the opinion that their candidates should not even appear on Fox. I think that if one is afraid to take on Fox News and their propagandists head on, they don't have any business being President or anything above Dogcatcher. I have stated this at a few other places. The Phil Donahue vs. O'Reilly interview is an example of how to take on the Bullies. As Rep. Ron Paul has shown, he can take on the Bush Regime's Main mouthpiece head on. They have tried to embarrass him with their loaded questions and usual tactics. Rep. Paul hung in there and has more than held his own. In learning that Fox News was going to ban him from the "Debate" Rep. Ron Paul had this to
say, "They are scared of me and don't want my message to get out, but it will,"They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative." Even if you don't like Rep. Ron Paul, you know that quote is the truth.
In Ron Paul, you find a man who is not afraid of Fox News. And that's the Truth too.

The good news is that the NH GOP pulled it's sponsorship from the "Debate". Fox News and it's advertisers have been flooded with a huge wave of negative reaction.

What has been the response from Fox News? Why, just don't even mention him. Now, I know that many just can't stomach even the thought of tuning in to Fox News, so for that on air opinion many will have to take my word for it. However in "Print" there is irrefutable proof.

AP, whose wire is beamed around the globe, released a report concerning the Wyoming Caucus (oh did the MSM forget to tell you there was one?).

This, from source #1 is the 1st 3 paragraphs - "Don't forget Wyoming. It's been overlooked in the hoopla surrounding Thursday's Iowa caucuses and next week's New Hampshire primary, but Wyoming Republicans will caucus Saturday and choose delegates to the national convention in September.

Candidates have paid little attention to the state, though.
Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul have passed through since September. Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain have not."

This, from source #2 - "Don't forget Wyoming.
It's been overlooked in the hoopla surrounding Thursday's Iowa caucuses and next week's New Hampshire primary, but Wyoming Republicans will caucus Saturday and choose delegates to the national convention in September.
Candidates have paid little attention to the state, though.

Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul have passed through since September. Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain have not."

Now compare this from Fox News "YOU DECIDE '08" - "Don’t forget about Wyoming.
It’s been overlooked in the hoopla surrounding Thursday’s Iowa caucuses and next week’s New Hampshire primary, but Wyoming Republicans will caucus Saturday and choose delegates to the national convention in September.
Candidates have paid little attention to the state, though.
Only Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter have passed through since September."

Hey now. What happened to Ron Paul? And why no mention of those who did not show up to ask the Citizens of Wyoming to vote for them? The only conclusion to make is, per Bush Regime protocol concerning viable political threats, Ron Paul has become an UnPerson. So Orwellian. So present day American.

And as per Ron Paul Protocol, he, and we his supporters will not take this laying down. Tonight, in response to the Fox News "Debate" the Ron Paul campaign bought an hour of television time at Manchester television station MCAM TV-23. Airing opposite the clown show at Fox News, which by the way was held at the Radisson. As opposed to the fake Town Hall Forums we have seen put on by everyone from Bush to Killer Hillary and the Pentagon, This Town Meeting was made up of undecided voters. (I for one thought CNN should of pulled a switcheroo on those attending their last debate. Making the Dem voters watch the Repubs and vice versa. Now that would of been NEWS!)
Now I got to admit, I've only watched the 1st part and I think there were a few Ron Paul supporters there, but comparing what was happening at Fox News at the same time, well, it was like watching the difference between Romper Room and uhmmmm, uhm a gathering of Adults engaged in discourse with the aim of deciding whether a particular Candidate is worthy enough of their votes. (I really tried to come up with a comparison TV show, if you think of one, let me know and I'll consider a rewrite on this portion).

In addition to Ron Paul appearing before the New Hampshire voters, the Ron Paul Blimp was scheduled to do a hover over the Radisson during the Fox Clown Show. I also heard there was an impromptu demonstration by dozens of Ron Paul supporters in front of the Radisson.(I want video dammit!)

Now if you are interested, you can watch real voters ask direct genuine questions to a Presidential candidate, Fox News and the Bush Regime would like to turn into an UnPerson, right here - Part One and Part Two. Now I warn you, don't expect any Pearls vs Diamonds question. Besides we all (or should?) know what standard Rep. Ron Paul believes in. Gold Baby. Gold.

Sean Hannity Hounded by Ron Paul supporters -

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Get Ready for the

New Currency. <--Clicky for Belly Jiggles.

Thursday, January 03, 2008





The story here - "The plot thickens in the case of a former Miss Arizona contestant accused of holding her ex-boyfriend at gunpoint and torturing him."

PS - I really don't know if she does crack.....It might be meth.
It sure ain't Der Budsky.

But as always, there can be too much of anything.