Saturday, August 30, 2008


1st, thanks to all who chimed in on the last post. PT Cruiser, Beltway Bastard, fragtal & John at Left in Aboite, I respect everybody's opinion. I've decided to support an Obama/Biden ticket. I not only took you alls, but views of others into account. Not the least of which came from the Sick Far Right opposed to an Obama Presidency. The hatred, falsifications, Assassination Attempts and threats of such also were a contributing factor. I don't know if the Hate from the Sick Far Right is good Karma to base my vote for an Obama Biden ticket and but like with a whole lotta things in my Life, I'll learn that farther down the Trail. McCain's pick as VP was another factor.

I want to make a difference. A positive one. I think I still can with Obama as President. I know I can't with a McCain Administration. If the Evil Ones win, both will be just tools for my Ideological and Physical Enemies. I can't give them any chance. I just can't. For sure, I'll not only have to hold my nose when I vote, but some type of anti nausea. Or maybe I'll just purge with ipecac before hand. Maybe in front of the local Mcain office.

2 days ago the local Obama Campaign chair left a message asking me to pitch in. I guess that will entail urging Hillary fans to vote for an Obama/Biden ticket. In for a penny in for a pound I guess.


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Monday, August 25, 2008


Because the only thing I can say nice about Senator Biden is that he is a fellow Native Pennsylvanian. Other than that, he "Voted" to Abdicate his Responsibility on a question of War when he voted for the "Iraqi Resolution". He is a proponent of Partitioning Iraq, a major objective of the Racketeers. He has held many Committee posts where all he did was empower the Racketeers. He has made serious criticism against Senator Obama. How many times are the Repubs going to play the Biden, "Obama's not ready to lead" clip?

It's as if Sen. Obama etal, really do want to lose. They already may well have lost one vote. I would like to be convinced otherwise. Save the "throwing your vote away" argument though. I don't buy into that argument at all. Not the least of which, I already feel I threw away my vote when I campaigned and voted for Sen. Obama here in Pennsylvania.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


X's 2 = PT IS BACK + ENIGMA4EVER AT Watergate Summer is my New Friendly!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Raw story has it.

My 1st reaction was, "Very good. Will the Convicted of Lying Liar lie again? My second thought was "Letter of Inquiry?" That's something you send to somebody in Civil Government. Or at least somebody not Convicted of Perjury. Chairman Conyers was most likely told to stall. All such a letter does is to buy time for the Racketeers to get their Shit in One Bucket.

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Monday, August 11, 2008


And that the Bush Regime manufactured evidence to start the American Iraq War. If the Bush Regime was so intent on finding the perpetrators of the attacks, why manufacture evidence? The answer is clear. The script was written way before September 11th 2001.

What is Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers going to do with this evidence?

Peace. It's possible. If enough people STOP. And ask "Hey what's that sound....Look what's going down".

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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Well, Birthday pics from 2 parties. Mommy had to work Saturday. So we had a party at home on July 31st. I was happy that Aunt T could make it and spend the night :)
Be sure to click to enlarge.
Joe receiving his Boy Tough Tonka Dumpster! Mommy got the easel almost a year ago. We thought to give it to him when he started writing real letters. About a month ago he did indeed start. And just a week or 2 before his birthday Mommy was Reading him a story and on a page was a illustration of an easel. He asked Mommy what it was. When she told him it was an easel, he said he wanted one :)

Lollipop Connoisseur. Where ever he goes Women give him candy.

Before the party at FunCastle we had a few minutes to burn. He saw the old Train Station at Greencastle and said he wanted to "check it out Dad". The station is now the local HQ for the Girl and Boys Scouts. Hence the Fence :)
After waiting for a train he was sure to come, I was insistent that we leave for the party. He kept telling me a train was coming. We got about 10 steps away when he yelled, "A TRAIN A TRAIN I HEAR IT! DO YOU DAD"!? And sure enough I then he a train coming. I grabbed him up and got to the fence just before the train roared by. Boy wassa he holding on tight! It wassa long one and I set him down. He grabbed my hand and held that pretty tight too. After the clacks faded away, he exclaimed, "I wasn't scared". I said, "well I was...a little... He then said quietly, "Me too, just a little." And then added, Daddy, I told you a train was coming". I replied, Yes Joe, you were right and I was wrong". So, on the ride to the party, I heard, "Daddy you were wrong and I was right. I told you a train was coming". Repeated about 50 times. Well, at least he doesn't ask me to "make the train come", anymore. It's memories like the train station visit that I will Cherish forever.

My Sister "Aunt T" who lives near Philly, just had a B-Day pass about a week before Joe's. We sent her flowers then. While on the phone with Joe, she said she was coming down for his Birthday. He then told her he was going to make a card for her.

Joseph's 1st bicycle.

Aiden and Joe riding the Gator. It plays a song that I used to put on while he was just a wee pea.

Cousin David and Uncle Mark playing "Smash Up". It's a Hot Wheels setup Uncle Mark got for Joseph.

Party Goers Brett, Aiden and Joeseph playing skeeball, while Brett's Mom keeps an eye on Elysabeth playing in the Bounce area.

Birthday Smiles.

Mommy, David, Uncle Mark and the Birthday Boy, Joseph.

Mommy, Aunt T, Joe and the Birthday cake I made for him.

Aunt T getting weepy all over her card Joseph made for her.

Aunt T

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Monday, August 04, 2008